Check out this interesting interview with Richard Dreyfuss about living with bipolar disorder. Dreyfuss also talks about self-medicating.

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Richard Dreyfuss Interview: Living with Bipolar Disorder

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  1. I also self-medicated, being a product of the sixties. I believe now I had this wonderful illness since I was born, as well, but was in deep denial for most of my life. Being brought up in a strict Catholic home, it was hard to justify that cocaine and amphetamines made me feel so good when they were so bad for you. After all, I wouldn’t even take painkillers or eat red meat. After secretly taking out a book from the library on the harmful effects of cocaine, such as losing your nose, I went the more traditional way of pharmaceuticals…but only after blaming everything else first. Of course it wasn’t just depression, but why then did it take me so damn long to recognize that I felt sooo good and then sooo bad! Just too many weird things happened to me, but probably because I had this illness..
    The body has wonderful defense mechanisms that make it hard to see the truth, even when we want to! I guess it must also be this way if you are gay? Anyway, I totally relate and wish I didn’t, but it does have to be one of the world’s most annoying illnesses, besides being depressing. I’d trade it in for something else; maybe something physical, but it could be worse… Couldn’t it?

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