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Nicole's Story

Although Dr. Fink and I are most active on Bipolar Beat, we continue to maintain our original Bipolar Blog. We rarely post to it anymore, but it has evolved into a place where people can go to share their bipolar stories. Just today, Nicole...
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Excelling in Your Field with Bipolar Disorder

As soon as you get diagnosed with bipolar, one of the first things you're likely to hear about or read about are all the famous people past and present who are believed to have or have had bipolar. Mental Health Today has a long list categorized by field of endeavor. You're likely to recognize at least a few names on the list, including...
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Share Your Bipolar Story

Dr. Fink and I co-host two blogs – Bipolar Beat (this blog), and our original Bipolar Blog. Although most content is shared between the blogs, we include some unique content on each. Bipolar Beat, for example, is the home of the biweekly series Bipolar Disorder Medication Spotlight. One of the most popular areas on our Bipolar Blog is Share Your Bipolar Story, where we encourage visitors to post their stories and insights and read and comment on stories that others have posted. Currently, we have over 30 stories and look forward to hosting many more.
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