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Well, I must say the past 3 weeks have been like living in an ongoing nightmare. Dealing with pain and trying to take pain medication as little as possible, while still trying to be a mother and a wife has been quite difficult. It’s been like, well, like a nightmare.

I think I finally woke up! I can sleep on my side again which means a full night of rest for me. I can also (somewhat) walk upright, so the pain in my back is getting much better. The sore spots where the herniation in the muscle were have healed well, and I feel very little twinges here and there but not often.

I told everyone I knew that if they ever thought they wanted a tummy tuck (whether medically necessary or not) to never ever do it. I think my tune is changing. To deal with 2+ weeks of torturous pain for the result I have now has made it worth it. Now, if we can get these two spots that don’t want to heal to change their tune a little all would be great.

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Feeling Good! 3.5 Weeks Post-Op

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  1. I just came upon your blog and after reading a handful of your posts I feel compelled to let you know I have so much respect for you and I wish you all the bestin your Journey Of Life.

    I’m not bipolar but I can sure relate to many of the struggles, wishes, hopes, and setbacks you’ve experienced.

    You are quite inspirational and I LOVE your honesty.I suspect by writing this blog, you are not only contributing to your health in a positive, meaningful way, but you must be helping others who may not be quite ready to discuss their experiences openly. bravo to you!!!!!

    even by opening others eyes, giving them a viewpoint to think about is great work. keep it up.


    sometimes Sad In Seattle

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