About Will Meecham, MD, MA

Website: http://willspirit.com


This blog’s title–Peace, Love, and Childhood Adversity–reflects the author’s realization that a history of the latter, after recovery, promotes the former. With time and effort, the wounded person discovers a peaceful and loving heart within, and feels healed.

After a traumatic upbringing, Will Meecham, MD, MA studied ecology, biophysics, neuroscience, medicine, ophthalmology, and reconstructive surgery. In 2000, neck disease prevented him from continuing to work as an oculoplastic surgeon. After this setback, which unmasked vulnerabilities common in those who suffered hardship early in life, Will devoted himself to emotional, intellectual, and spiritual exploration. He gradually grew to understand how people can transcend childhood trauma, adult disappointment, and the painful feelings they cause. He now writes and speaks about overcoming the effects of early trauma, loss, and neglect.

More of Will Meecham’s writings can be viewed at WillSpirit.com, and he also maintains a presence on his ‘WillSpirit’ Facebook page.


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