black box 2So, I am a bit late to the dance, but I just finished watching last night’s Black Box on ABC. (Forgive me for the delay – my beautifully bipolar life happened).

I found this episode So. Much. Better. More believable. More identifiable.

First off with the things I hated:
1. When Catherine tells her therapist she is “an emotional, impulsive, self-destructive lunatic.” Now, I myself do not like being called a “lunatic.” With that comes this thought, we should only talk about ourselves the way we would want others to talk about us. I can’t go around calling myself “crazy,” unless it is okay with me that other people use that term to define my mood disorder. Don’t get me wrong, in my first blog I called myself “mad,” but for me, that term is okay. Its connotation doesn’t sear to the bone. Maybe it isn’t okay for you. If not, don’t use it and don’t let anyone around you use it. Maybe “crazy” is okay for you. My point? I don’t like being called names, but I can only expect others to follow my lead or gently correct them when they step over the line.

2. I did NOT like when Catherine’s boss said, “If anyone has a medical condition that can harm patients they must come forward…this is a firing offense.” Now, admittedly, I don’t know everything about disability laws, but I am pretty sure you can’t fire someone for a medical condition. I got the point. But we bipolars can do great things. Amazing things. Look at Kay Redfield Jamison. Again, I don’t know everything, but I feel this was a bit dramatic.


What I did like:
1. Catherine seemed much more “normal” – in balance. She seemed to have a sense of right and wrong. She seemed to be in control of her mind. I agree, this is not always the case. I’ve been there. But it made it a more plausible story line for me than screwing every cute guy she came across. Trust me, I understand hyper-sexuality, but there was an overdose of it in the first episode.

2. I liked seeing her successful at her job, because we can be successful. (Again – Kay Redfield Jamison). There are celebrities and senators and artists and stay-at-home-moms all doing it. Living it. Being successful. Not without hiccups or bumps, but moving, progressing through life.

I am one of them. I am a success story.

Photo credit: ABC/Andrew Eccles




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    Last reviewed: 2 May 2014

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