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Anxiety, Allergies, and Kids

When I went to school, my mother packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread for me. On some days, she’d switch to a couple of slices of bologna with mayonnaise—also on white bread. Cookies or an occasional apple finished off the meal. Packing food for lunch was pretty simple. We’d rush to long rows of tables when the bell rang, then stuff food into our mouths as fast as possible so that we’d have more time to play outside at recess.

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Treating Children with Depression or Anxiety

Information flows around the world in a manner of seconds--it's amazing! We all watched last week when peaceful demonstrations, facilitated by social media, helped to topple a corrupt and oppressive government. So, what does this have to do with children and treatment?

Like many mental health professionals, the internet has given us opportunities to keep up with a variety of current issues, research studies, and trends in our field. Instead of trying to keep up with 3 or 4 journals a month, we have access to just about any published article, sometimes before it is even published.

When I started college many years ago, a literature search involved long hours combing through guides to periodic literature. Today a literature review involves going to an online library and reading about topics of interest from peer reviewed journals not just in English, but translated text from all over the world.

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Booming Anxiety

Well, we finished our next book: Child Psychology and Development for Dummies. It’s not out yet, but you can order it online. We’re really proud of the book and hope our readers will find it interesting, fun, utilitarian, and educational.

Perhaps some of you have been reading about the developing competition between hard or soft cover books and e-books. Amazon recently relayed that their market share for e-books has exceeded their market share for traditional books. Between the long, lingering recession (which sends many folks to the libraries or postpones their book purchases), and the somewhat pitiful e-book royalty rates, frankly, the writing business just isn’t what it used to be.
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Anxiety and Snow Days

It’s snowing here today and the schools are all closed. Yet businesses are open and many parents stress over what to do with their kids—most moms and dads work and when schools close, they have to worry about day care.

One or the other parent has to call in and use their limited time off to cover. Parents feel guilty and many companies discourage working parents from taking off to care for their children. This country does not do a very good job of supporting families. Sure we have the family leave act, but many parents can’t afford time off when it's not paid. Parents drive on unsafe streets; too often kids are left at home unsupervised, and parents stress over finances.

When I was a kid we loved snow days. It meant staying home and making forts or snowmen, having snow ball fights, getting cold and coming in for hot chocolate. Sadly, snow days aren’t as much fun as they used to be.
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