Decades of anxiety can teach you a few things about life.  It can help you see fear in a different light.

For the majority of my life, I remember responding to almost everything out of fear.  My life was a microcosm of what ifs and if thens.  It was scary.  It was twisty.  It was dark.

A strange thing happens when you start to crawl out of that space and you start to see light.  You start to recoil from darkness and fear.  You see it as the enemy.  You cling to hope as your life raft.

So when you turn on the television and monthly see new attacks and new killings and new fears, you find yourself stuck in an odd place.  Your brain is telling you to fear.  It is telling you to constantly look over your shoulder.  It is telling you not to fall asleep because tomorrow can bring horrors.

But then your heart is telling you that the only antidote to fear is hope, to hate is love, and to dark is light.

There’s a battle going on inside me right now.  The only thing I know for certain is that if I let myself fall into fear, I will melt into the darkness; I will become one with it.  It will overtake me.

What the world needs is love.  We can’t heal the broken, and we can’t calm the hate that circles around us like vultures.  But we can be a island of peace in a world that feeds on chaos.

We can refuse to give in.  We can refuse to surrender.  We can cling to love as our only hope in this broken world.

Only then can we truly rise above.

Woman and heart photo available from Shutterstock