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by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
February 16, 2013

julie-fidlerJulie Fidler is an author and freelance writer battling bipolar disorder. A Christian for more than 20 years, her faith has helped her cope with bouts of crippling depression, and mania that often leaves sleepless and feeling angry.

Her book, Adventures in Holy Matrimony: For Better or the Absolute Worst, partly chronicled the devastating impact mental illness can wreak on a young marriage. She is currently writing a book about mental illness and the church.

This is a blog about faith and mental illness, namely bipolar disorder and depression.

“The idea for the new book was inspired by the many negative and judgmental reactions I got from my fellow church members and other Christians. Many believers mean well, but are ignorant when it comes to the facts about mental illness. They too often believe that mental illness is little more than a personality flaw or spiritual weakness.”

“Through this blog and my book, I’m working to help people of faith to understand that the brain is an organ just like the heart, the lung, the kidneys, etc., and sometimes organs fail and get sick. My goal is to do this with solid facts, my own story and the stories of others who have been pushed away by the church, and with a sense of humor because, let’s be honest, such a serious topic deserves a little irreverence once in a while to make it easier to deal with.

“Too many God-fearing people are suffering in silence because they are afraid of being rejected and judged. They need to know they are in good company.”



About Amazed by Grace



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