Sorry for the week-long break, guys. I was not feeling well most of last week, so a hope round-up is a great way to start a fresh blogging cycle! First up…

Study: Believing in God Helps Treat Mental Health Disorders
I love it when science proves something I already know. :-) A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders says that people who believe in a “higher power” were more likely to see positive results from treatment. Researchers studied people with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and other disorders and found that “those who expressed believing in God between “moderate” and “high” had better chances of responding well to treatment, while those who said the do not believe in God or only believe in him slightly had a doubled risk of not responding to treatment.”

The Bible’s Keys to Mental Health
A concise look at what personality traits best help us to overcome and avoid common conditions like depression and anxiety, and exactly how and where the Bible speaks to each of these issues. This is too simplistic a view on mental health.

Many mental illnesses can be prevented, and the Bible provides helpful information to that end. After all, it is a handbook from God on what we should think and how our minds should work. Among other things, the Bible tells us how to relieve stress and the kind of stimuli we should allow into our minds. Here are some crucial biblical keys to mental health.

Being positive doesn’t always prevent someone from developing mental illness. But if you can get past that lack of understanding, it really is a great article about how purposely aligning our minds with Christ can sometimes prevent a downward spiral, and can give us the spiritual muscles to endure mental disorders with our faith intact.

How Churches can Respond to Mental IllnessEd Stetzer is president of LifeWay Research and I was excited to see his oped on CNN.com. I have written for various LifeWay publications over the years and have always found them to be a wonderful company to work with. They are, however, notoriously conservative on many issues, which is why I was joyfully surprised to see a LifeWay head honcho speaking out on this topic. Stetzer’s article gives specifics about what churches need to do to embrace people with mental illness, and addresses the sad state that most churches are in right now.

First, people with mental illness are often attracted to religion and the church, either to receive help in a safe environment or to live out the worst impulses of their mental illness.

Second, most congregations, sadly, have few resources for help.


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