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3 Math Facts All Kids Need to Know (But Many Do Not)

With school back in session, I find myself reteaching and refreshing students on a very familiar (to me, anyway) list of math concepts. By now I think of them as The Usual Suspects.

I hope parents will find it reassuring to know that it's not just their kid who can't seem to retain certain math facts. Students from middle school all the way up through 12th grade have trouble making some fundamental math ideas stick.

But parents also need to to realize that it's these "little details" which trip kids up in big ways and prevent them from being great math students. Indeed, most calculus students who drop out, do so not because they find the calculus itself hard, but because their math foundations are weak.
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Parents Should Supervise Their Older Kids’ Studying

Kids of all ages need support as they gradually develop good study habits.
Educators call it "scaffolding," the kind of adult guidance that keeps young learners on the right path until they've internalized good practices for themselves.

Many parents assume that by the time students are in middle school, they should no longer need day-to-day homework supervision. Meanwhile, I find that even high school students do better when their parents are checking in with them regularly and specifically about their schoolwork.

This helpful checklist was created by a local middle school principal, to show parents the ways they can lend support to their adolescent students:
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