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What Does a Learning Disability Feel Like?

I've always been a good student, and academic subjects always came to me easily. That doesn't mean I don't have to work; I do. But I'm confident in my ability to learn. I know that if I sit down and apply myself, I will, in a reasonably quick amount of time, "get" whatever it is I am studying. Academic learning is not so easy for most of my students, and so once in a while I treat myself to a little reminder of what it feels like to not get it, to struggle and fall behind and be the slowest kid in the group: I make myself take a dance class. Lucky for me that dance is neither a graduation requirement nor a section on the SAT, because I'd never have made it out of high school, let alone into any college whatsoever.
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Noticing Your Daily Contribution

I love my work, but sometimes, especially during final exam season, it can be exhausting! I loved rediscovering this little parable the other day; it really kept me going as I sat with student after student, plowing through the same chemistry review packet over and over and over... Three brick layers were busy at work, and a passerby stopped and asked each what he was doing. I'm laying bricks, said the first. I'm making my living, said the second. I'm building a cathedral, said the third.
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