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Five Life-Changing Mental Health Books

For Mental Health Awareness Day, I've picked out five of the most amazingly informative, life-changing mental health books I've ever read: Loneliness; Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection by John Cacioppo and William Patrick The Noonday Demon; an Atlas of Depression by Andrew Solomon Against Depression by Peter D. Kramer Woman; an Intimate Geography by Natalie Angiers
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Study with Your Kids to Develop Trust

I've been blogging about trust this week, and I'll be back to talking about trust and romantic relationships next time. But tomorrow I'm giving  a talk entitled Math Success for All Students, and here's what I plan on saying about trust as it relates to kids and parents: Openness, visibility, day-to-day intimacy, fosters TRUST. Back in 1990 I read Iron John, and Robert Bly's theory about fathers and sons stuck with me. Bly suggested that throughout most of human history, children could see the work that their parents and other adults did. Hunter-gatherer societies were very public and transparent. Bly believes that there is a basic developmental need for children to work next to their parents, see what their parents do and how they think and solve problems
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