Joel I. Klein, NYC school chancellor since 2002, resigned at the end of last year.  The New York Times article (Dec 26, 2010) mentioned that one of Klein’s favorite topics is love.

How did he tough it through this notoriously grueling job for so long? Klein credits the unflagging love and support of his wife:

“I couldn’t survive if I didn’t have someone to go home to when I got beat up.”

So, expecting to read an article about the latest travails of the New York City school system, I instead received a reminder about relationships and their purpose in our lives.

Relationships are NOT for:

  • pleasure
  • having a better lifestyle
  • convenience

They are for:

  • safety
  • support
  • comfort
  • solace
  • security

In this stressful, turbulent world, we need the security of relationships more than ever.

Often I suspect that our culture has lost sight of this. What do you think?

(photo of stormy day at LisSurMer)