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The Red Dye Diet: The Concept

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I have been wanting to write this book for some time, and since I don’t want to make time I thought what better thing than to explore it in this blog.

Diet books are all the craze, and while I don’t know much about red dye, research has suggested it can magnify ADHD symptoms and is hard to avoid.  So I thought I would do a mini-series on red dye, looking at what it is, how it affects the brain, what food it is in, and how we can avoid it with diet.  In this post, I am simply going to explore the ‘what’ of red dye.

Tips for Being Fully Engaged in Your Sexual Experiences

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

With lovePeople with ADHD often have a hard time fully engaging in experiences, as their mind is constantly jumping around from one thing to another.  As our lives get busier, sex seems to fall off the radar screen so we can do things like feed the kids, make money, and meet our ever-increasing obligations.

This can hurt both the mind and relationships, as a healthy sex life is important to both mental health and intimacy if you have a significant other.   Often times people ‘fit it in’ because that is all they have time to do.  Yet there a few simple, profound things you can do to get more engaged and have a fully pleasurable experience.

Suicide, ADHD and Grief; There is No Escaping Pain

Friday, September 17th, 2010

In many ways, it is a blessing to have ADHD because if something hurts you can quickly retract and move on to something else.  For those of you that do not have ADHD, imagine putting your finger in a fire.  Those with ADHD can quickly withdraw and move to something else, but don’t learn much.  Those without ADHD, however, take longer to withdraw their finger but the burn is imprinted in their mind so they do not do it again.

It’s how I see my ADHD.  I’ve had similar situations happen over and over again, and wonder what it is that I am not getting.  Why my behavior is not changing, and why I continue to throw myself into the fire again and again.  I have finally come to realize, through therapy, reading, and the constant struggles of ‘why,’ that I am simply not standing in the pain long enough to understand the lesson I need to learn.

CNN and ADHD: Can An Organization Have ADHD and Why Does it Matter?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Maariv, Tel Aviv, IsraelThis topic has been really bothering me this week, primarily because of the story of the potential book burning in Florida that caused riots and outrage all across the world this past weekend.  CNN’s behavior, in one way, reminded me of the downfall in my ADHD in that I get fired up about something, get out there talking about it, and don’t always think through the consequences of my actions.

This impulsivity was really highlighted first with the balloon boy when I was trying to get a story published on depression but couldn’t get word in because he was all over the screens.  It literally shocked me that there was high drama about the balloon boy event, but it didn’t have such catastrophic consequences.  This weekend’s coverage did.

Sex and ADHD; A Blessing or a Curse?

Monday, September 13th, 2010

PassionDoes ADHD effect your sex life?  Have you ever even thought about it?  I didn’t, until recently reading that it can have both positive and negative influences on your overall sexual experience.

So the question it than raised for me is “Is ADHD a blessing or a curse for your sex life?”  It is such a complicated issue, perhaps it is both a blessing AND a curse?  I’m interested in hearing all of your thoughts after you read a bit more, and see how it applies to your own life.

The Heavy Burden of Attempting Perfection; I Give Up!

Monday, September 6th, 2010

I want to be a good person.  As a matter of fact, I strive to be a great person, and have big dreams for making a significant contribution to this world.  Unfortunately, my attempt at perfection continues to catapult me from a world of despair to joy to despair again.

The list of ‘to do’s’ that us ADHDers have, and really anybody for that matter, is tremendous.  I mean, every day, I expect more than perfection and wonder why I feel so shitty.

Look at my list, who can do this?


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