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Kiss the World

By Zoë Kessler, BA, B.Ed.

Egads! Whose idea was it to give ADHD girl Google Analytics (GA)? Like, do I really need to know where all my blog visitors come from? Do you have any idea how much time I can waste scrutinizing the minutiae, analysing statistics, and enjoying the pretty colors of the pie charts? Wait, that makes it sound too academic. That stuff’s important to me, but it’s only a small part of the seduction of Google Analytics to an ADHD mind.

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Kiss the World

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  1. Okay…I’m not sure if I typed that address right.

    Anyway, love your blog! I stumbled upon it while looking up info for ADHD. Love this geography thing! I’ve actually been to Shibuya since I lived in Tokyo for four months. Loved it.

    And I am reading this at work. But don’t feel bad. If I wasn’t reading this I’d be staring blankly at my computer screen.

    Anyway, enjoyed the post! :)

    • Ari, thank you so much for the positive feedback. I’m so glad you enjoyed and connected with the post. I envy your travels, would love to do more. I guess this is the next best thing, eh?! Be well, and stay connected! Cheers, Zoë

      • P.S. – LOVE your user name – “arifaery” – so cool! So funny! I thought I was the only one who spelled “fairy” the old-fashioned way – “faery” (see my post entitled, The Who, What, Where, Why and Huh? of ADHD, Part II: What The #$#%! Is ADHD?).

  2. claim to know nothing about the country I’m from, and still your blog tells the story of my life ;) the amazingness of the global ADHD-tribe.

    greetings from Fin-vodka-landia.

    • Hi Sirja!
      I’m so glad to meet you. Thank you for writing to us and letting us know you’re out there.
      We truly are everywhere, and I’m so glad we can share and support each other in this way.

  3. Yeh. Distraction. But we LEARN so much when our minds go places that no one’s ever been before! Lol. :-D
    it’s difficult sometimes to maintain focus while writing, since while I’m writing I come up with ideas for other articles, that won’t fit into the one I’m writing at the moment.

    • I hear ya!
      Thanks for dropping by! And good luck with your writing!

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