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Find Your Wings and Soar with ADHD

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Finding Your Wings and Soaring with ADHDCreative Commons License Dawn Huczek via Compfight

I sat on the back step in the morning sunlight. The birds sang “Spring is coming.” At minus seventeen degrees celsius, with snow banks on my deck taller than me, it was hard to believe.

I popped in the earbuds. Adele played, but not so loud that I didn’t catch the regular tap-tap-tapping that started up to my right.

A woodpecker, I thought.

I glanced at my neighbor’s deck. His teardrop-shaped feeder appeared to be unoccupied. I waited. Then, sure enough, a downy woodpecker emerged from the south side, settling in profile on the west side and continuing her tapping.

Yoga and ADHD Treatment – Part II

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

7 - Meditation Conner Downey via Compfight

In Yoga and ADHD Treatment – Part I, I talked about some similarities between the discipline of yoga and ADHD treatment. Today, I’ll cover some specific yoga components that might be helpful in managing ADHD symptoms.

Be prepared for some surprises!

A few of my favorite yoga things

Besides wearing comfy, funky Lululemon clothes (with the notable exception of the see-through pants, that’s just not a good look for me), I gained a lot of positive benefits from my experience as a member of a Kripalu Yoga Centre oh-so-many years ago.

Yoga and ADHD Treatment – Part I

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Teeny Yogini Jaybird via Compfight

Last year, I stepped up my commitment to yoga practice. For inspiration, I picked up a book called The Yoga of the Yogi, written by Kausthub Desikachar.

Desikachar’s book fuelled my hypothesis that yoga has the potential to be tremendously helpful to those of us with the Gift.

The popularized notion of yoga leads us to believe that it’s merely a form of exercise where we turn ourselves into human pretzels and balloon animals. As fun as that sounds, yoga is much more than that, and its primary focus is the mind, not the body.

yoga is to direct the mind on a chosen focus and maintain that focus without distraction

-  from the Yoga Sutra by historic yoga master Patanjali, as quoted in The Yoga of the Yogi

ADHD and Hey Look! A Squirrel!

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

I don't have ADHD. I'm a squ... HEY look! A Human!In keeping with my goal of digging deeper into the issues that surround ADHD, today’s post offers some penetrating insights into a now-ubiquitous cultural phenomenon.

I’m sure you’ve heard the jokes, worn the t-shirts, and seen the photos with the caption connecting ADHD and the sudden verbal outburst of “Hey look! A squirrel!”  This punchline is commonly used as shorthand to illustrate the high level of distractibility in those of us with ADHD.

But let’s see if we can crack that old chestnut.

Webinar – Mother’s Day with ADHD: How to Keep It Happy!

Thursday, May 9th, 2013
Lisa Aro and husband Mark

Lisa Aro and husband Mark

I’m happy to report that our Mother’s Day with ADHD: How to Keep It Happy! webinar went off (almost) without a hitch.

On a personal note, I was terrified before we started. I’d planned to create a visual presentation but only had 3 hours to create it – right before the webinar!

With minimal time, I decided I’d keep it simple, and let the content be the focus of our session. I knew my special guest had great content, having read her excellent blog, Queen of the Distracted, and having had a preliminary phone call to plan what we’d cover in our webinar.

But – what I didn’t count on was for three friends to drop in – all at the same time – and all needing my attention just before the webinar!

Mother’s Day and ADHD – Parenting ADHD Kids

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

tmy son gives me strength horizontal.integration via Compfight

It appears that my little rant on spanking has struck a mighty chord.

In addition to readers and comments here at my blog, I’ve received a lot of input on my Facebook page and elsewhere from those weighing in on the weighty topic of how the heck do we deal with our ADHD kids?

It’s distressing to see that some of you (and I suspect many more whom I haven’t  heard from) are suffering and agonizing over what the right way to discipline your ADHD children.

The blog comment that tipped the scale was (excerpted here):

“…how in the world do you get an ADHD kid to learn the social skills required to get along in life before their parent finally finally [sic] loses it and spanks them..” [read molbiomom's full Comment here]

How indeed?

Are You the ADHD Tortoise or the ADHD Hare?

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Black-tailed jackrabbitCreative Commons License Jack Wolf via Compfight

Imagine how excited I was when I first learned about the slow food movement. Being as slow in the kitchen as I’ve always been, I’d always thought I had a deficit. When all along, here I was, ahead of the pack.

Fast minds

While a lot of us with ADHD have racing thoughts (thus the title for a new book on ADHD adults, Fast Minds), there are areas where we’re actually slower than others.

Let’s take a few long, deep, slow breaths and explore some under-examined territory: when the hyperactive hare becomes the tedious tortoise.

Keys to Loving a Partner with ADHD – Part II

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
Tara and Trevor MacKenzie, Blues and ADHD

Tara and Trevor MacKenzie

Tara and Trevor MacKenzie might play together in the MacKenzie Blues Band, but their 13-year marriage is anything but blue.

Here, Tara MacKenzie continues to share some tips that work for her and her husband, Trevor MacKenzie, whose gifts include not only talent - but ADHD.

ZOË: What other advice do you have for someone who’s in a relationship with someone with ADHD?

TARA: They need to understand that they are speaking different languages.

The partner that has ADHD doesn’t value them less, it’s their wiring system and they are different. If you’re kind and you value them, listen to them, and share their adventures…if you’re genuinely listening, then it’s going to be better.

Keys to Loving a Partner with ADHD – Part I

Monday, February 18th, 2013
Trevor and Tara MacKenzie of the MacKenzie Blues Band

Trevor and Tara MacKenzie of the MacKenzie Blues Band

Tara and Trevor MacKenzie are the dynamic duo behind the MacKenzie Blues Band.

The group recently returned from competing in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where they advanced to the semi-finals. For a young band who’s just released their first album, this was quite an accomplishment.

To me, an even more remarkable achievement is the balance, joy, and respect that Tara and Trevor have achieved in their personal relationship as wife and husband of 13 years.

Trevor’s been described by CBC Radio’s Tim Tamashiro as an “incendiary, virtuoso electric guitarist.” I can vouch for that. I’ve seen him; he’s riveting.

An ADHD Fan Face-Off

Thursday, January 17th, 2013
An ADHD Fan Face-off

An ADHD Fan Face-off

I was delighted when a friend showed up at my door with two tickets to our local Ontario Hockey League (OHL) hockey game for Saturday night. In spite of the NHL spat, I could get my hockey fix. And not just on t.v., but a LIVE hockey fix. Even better.

This wasn’t going to be just any game: our local boys (the Owen Sound Attack) are no slouches. In 2011, they won the OHL Conference Championship and the Ontario J. Ross Robertson Cup.

Little did I know I was destined to have an ADHD fan face-off.

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