This is Spinal TapBefore you get all judgy and shout at me, this post is not about sex. I’ll put that out there right now because believe it or not, I alluded to a Beatles song once in a post title and a reader got his nose out of joint because my post had nothing to do with the Beatles or with the song and he thought I was misrepresenting myself, trying to lure readers into my blog. Can you Imagine that? I just thought I was using a clever play-on-words.

Ok. I wasn’t just using a clever play-on-words. To be honest, the post was at the beginning of my blogging career and I might have been a tad anxious to attract readers, but jeepers. I did think it was clever. It taught me a lesson, and I’ve never done that again.  But that’s why I thought I should announce immediately that this post isn’t about sex. So, if you’re looking for an ADHD romp through the haystack kind of tale, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

I was going to search for a few hyperlinks for you (I really am all about giving value to my blog readers) but then I thought the better of it and decided I didn’t want to be spammed by sex stuff in perpetuity. This is a new laptop (double entendre not intended) it’s clean, and I don’t want to dirty it up.

Besides, I’m not feeling well.

I’ve had chills for the past few days. I thought I was doing menopause wrong, but no. I got up this morning and optimistically put on my (dirty) gardening overalls. I’ve been sleeping in them ever since. In bed.

I just hauled my sorry self downstairs to heat up some leftover homemade Dal. It’s got a real kick to it (chillies, turmeric, fresh gingerroot) and even if it doesn’t get me to sweat out the nasty invaders, it might at least bring me back up to neutral (that is, eradicate the chills).

So I’m back in bed now and I can’t sleep anymore after a mere five hours so I thought I’d talk to you. Know this: I have no printer in my bedroom. I’m geeky, but not that geeky. I’m not in my office, I’m cranky, and I’m sleepy-sick, so one or two typos might seep into this post, and I’m sorry about that. It takes a healthy mind and a robust body to pull off the level of perfectionism some of us ADHDers are capable of.

So, what about the “fun in bed” part. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it. You’re right. It isn’t. I’m at the achy back stage, like, everything is aching and I’m chillin’ (but not at all in a good way) and my tummy is hurting. Yes, I said “tummy.” Don’t cross me right now.

As for the “fun” part, I hauled a movie up to my loft bedroom and I’m going to queue it up while I’m eating my Dal. Don’t ask what movie, I’ll just embarrass myself. Ok, it’s the Spinal Tap sequel. I know that’s pathetic, but I’m sick already. I don’t have the energy for Shakespeare. Besides, they say laughter is medicine, and since you’re laughing at me right now, I imagine I’m spreading the love. You’re welcome.

And one more “fun” thing: I totally forgot I had a heating pad under the covers (dozing fitfully in a state of unnatural June summer chills will leave you disoriented like that). When I threw the covers back to crawl downstairs and heat up some sustenance, the heat control thingie flew in the air and I thought there was an opposum in my bed. How fun is that? (Hey, I’m sick; any laugh in a storm).

Ok groovy guys and gals. If I keep talking to you I won’t have enough energy to turn on the movie and eat my Dal, let alone enough to turn the volume up to 11.  Wait. See how mixed up I am?

See you next week. Stay well!


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    Last reviewed: 6 Jun 2014

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