Zoë's Social Liaison Outcome Predictor (S.L.O.P.) for people with ADHD social awkwardness
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STOP! Are you having a crappy weekend? Are you planning an upcoming social event?

Just in time to turn it around, I’d like to offer my newly-minted Social Liaison Outcome Predictor. Or, as I like to call it, S.L.O.P.

My easy-to-use questionnaire is based on typical ADHD symptoms and ADHD-fuelled socially awkward or challenging situations.

Just complete these 10 easy questions to find out which gatherings are right for you, and which ones will be about as much fun as filling out your annual income tax return while sitting on a pillow of broken glass.

The S.L.O.P. predictor only takes a few minutes or so, even less if you miss some of the questions (highly likely if you have ADHD symptoms, especially Form-O-Phobia).

What are you waiting for? Your fantastic rest-of-the-weekend / social life is about to begin!

Social Liaison Outcome Predictor (S.L.O.P.)


1.  Circle the level of challenge in each of the following situations.

2.  Tally your final score to find out if you should participate OR stay in, flush your cellphone, and lock the doors.

The HIGHER your score, the safer it is to PARTY ON!


1.  Are you traveling someplace UNfamiliar?

yes     somewhat    no

1      2      3      4      5


ADHD and socially awkward dressing2.  Do you have any idea what to wear to this event?

no           some
clue         idea           yes

1      2       3       4      5

*Add 10 points if you answered N/A (not applicable because it’s a nudist event).


3.  Did you forget to take your meds?

yes      not sure      no

1      2      3      4      5


4.  Are you in the middle of wicked PMS?

yes      moderate       no

1      2       3       4      5

*If you answered “yes” and you’re male, subtract 10 points from your final score.


5.  Is it crucial that you arrive on time?

yes     somewhat       no

1      2       3       4      5

*Subtract 5 points if you answered, “According to whom?”


6. Are you hosting, planning, and organizing the entire event?

all          some         none

1      2       3       4      5

*Subtract 5 points if you answered, “What’s organizing?”


7.  Will a family member you don’t like be there?

yes         a few          no

1      2       3       4      5

*Add 10 points if you answered “yes” but you’re going to a funeral. And they’re the deceased.


8.  Is the event affordable for you?

no      somewhat    yes

1      2      3      4      5

*Subtract 5 points if you answered, “I have no idea.”


9.  Will you have to remember names at this event?

yes        a few          no

1      2       3       4      5


10. Will excellent physical co-ordination be required for this event?

ADHD and NIA don't mix

At a NIA class. Just before I fell down.

yes        some          no

1      2       3       4      5

*Add 10 points if you answered yes, but your friends count on you to make them laugh.


BONUS Question:

Is this event with trusted friends who love you just as you are, ADHD and all?

no      somewhat    yes

1      2      3      4      5

*If you answered “yes,” send event details, address, time, etc. to Zoë @ ADHD from A to Zoë

So there you go! Get out there and have some fun.

Or not.

*  *  *  *  *

DISCLAIMER: As with all Rating Scales, Questionnaires, and other tools designed and offered exclusively by Zoë Kessler (e.g. Chick A-D-D P.O.S. SystemADHD Diagnostic Quiz for Women), absolutely no scientific research has gone into ensuring the validity of your test results.

All test questions and scores are based on educated guesses, life experience, a twisted sense of humor, and a profound need to laugh at my own insecurities and ADHD foibles. I hope you’ll do the same. Enjoy!


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Kessler, Z. (2013). Zoë’s Social Liaison Outcome Predictor (S.L.O.P.). Psych Central. Retrieved on December 20, 2014, from http://blogs.psychcentral.com/adhd-zoe/2013/01/zoes-social-liaison-outcome-predictor-s-l-o-p/


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