ADHD? Whatever.

ADHD? Whatever.

I was wondering: if it’s ADHD Awareness Week, just who exactly is it that we’re hoping will be aware – or more aware – of ADHD?

I’ll throw that question over to you. Of those listed below, who is it that you think it’s most important to raise their awareness about ADHD? 

1. Physicians / Medical Community

2. Teachers

3. Parents

4. Employers

5. Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and other counseling professionals

6. My mom

7. My spouse

8. My friends

9. My dog

10. My cat

So, which one did you choose?


#5 maybe?


No, no, and sadly,… no!

I agree it’s important that all of these people raise their awareness of ADHD (except, of course, the cat; cats know everything already. And what they don’t know, they don’t care about. The dog, on the other hand, is your best friend and therefore by definition needs to know even more than your other friends).

Why your answer is wrong

I admit it: this unscientific, tongue-in-cheek survey was more to get you thinking about the question than to answer it.

Yet the answer means everything. The answer is: YOU.

Whether or not you’ve been diagnosed, the more YOU know about ADHD, the better equipped you’ll be to find and recognize a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose and treat you.

The more YOU know about ADHD, the better you’ll be able to help your teachers or your children’s teacher to help you or your child.

You may not be able to heal from ADHD, but you can heal from the damage it’s caused in your life.

The more YOU know about ADHD, the better you’ll be able to talk to your parents about it. If they’re not receptive, the more confident you’ll be in your own knowledge and therefore better able to accept their opinions magnanimously without taking them personally. (Yes, you are entitled to a hissy-fit first before you calm down and resign yourself to waiting for them to eventually come around, or better, to letting it go and getting back to what matters: watching Wheel of Fortune together on the couch).

The more YOU know about ADHD, the better you’ll be able to manage your own, and to be empathetic and helpful towards your children’s.

The more YOU know about ADHD, the better you’ll be able to negotiate with your spouse to solve ADHD-related problems, and to recognize which ones aren’t ADHD-related. You’ll also be better able to advocate for your needs. For example, if you’re highly inattentive, you’ll need something super-stimulating to  grab, and keep, your attention. A trip say, to Bora Bora to stave off boredom?

Here’s the great part

This is the week to raise your awareness! There are opportunities-a-plenty, so go out there and get educated! Get aware! Get to know experts, get to know each other, and – most importantly – get to know yourself.

Read books and blogs; join online discussions; talk to friends and family.

You may not be able to heal from ADHD, but you can heal from the damage it’s caused in your life.

Here are a few resources to check out this week:

ADHD Awareness Week 2012 – What You Can Do

ADDitude Magazine’s Expert Webchat Series

Canadian ADHD Awareness Week (c’mon; take a walk on the wild side. You KNOW you want to!)

Online ADHD Awareness Week Expo


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