ADHDer birthday card, Just Be Yourself!

Card design ©Zoë Kessler, 2008

I was browsing the card section of a local shop the other day when I stumbled upon the perfect card for a friend of mine.

Like me, she has outrageously hyperactive and crazy-energy ADHD. I knew the card I’d found would give her a huge laugh.

On the cover of the card, there’s a simple line drawing of a woman wearing an apron, holding a dish with a meatloaf. The cover says:

“Want to know the secret to making a perfect meat loaf?”

The inside of the card says:

Me neither.
Let’s go out for
Hot wings and beer.

Ha ha ha! This reminded me so much of both of us.

It got me thinking, what if there was a line of cards designed exclusively for us ADHDers? I decided to come up with a few of my own.

Most of these are designed for our non-ADHD friends, family, and colleagues to choose for us.


Birthday cards for ADHDers

Happy Birthday
See? I remembered. It’s not that difficult, really…

Happy Birthday
You never age. Must be the hyperactivity.

Happy Birthday 50-year-old
That ADHD childlike wonder looks good on you.

Happy Birthday
Some people never grow up.

Thank you cards for ADHDers

Thanks for the dinner party.
My wife’s on a diet, anyway.

Thanks for the dinner party.
It was a real treat.
We NEVER order pizza at home.

Congratulations cards for ADHDers

Congratulations on coming out at work!
I have a couch you can sleep on for 3 or 4 days when you lose your apartment.

Congratulations on Your New Job!
(This one is blank inside and sold at a discounted price in packs of 10.)

Congratulations on Your New Home!
Have fun setting up your new piles!

Bon voyage cards for ADHDers

Have a Nice Trip!
I hope you’ve booked extra time off for getting lost this time.
I’m running out of Congratulations on Your New Job! cards.

Sympathy cards for ADHDers

Sorry About Your Loss
I keep telling you to give me an extra set of keys.

Sold in a variety pack inc. the one above and one each of:

Sorry About Your Loss…
– I keep telling you not to use bank or credit cards.

– I honestly didn’t think your head would actually come off.

– Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll bump into him again and he’ll be delighted to give you his phone number…again.

– Maybe they’ll let you access the site without a password.

– But look on the bright side…you might LOVE being single. Again.

– I’m sure you’ll find your car once everyone else has gone home.

– Everyone here at the office understands. It’s not your fault the report was due on such short notice. We’re all confident you’ll find your part any day now. We’ll wait.

– Maybe being Butcher’s apprentice wasn’t the right fit for you anyway.

Get well cards for ADHDers

Get Well Soon
It’s super-boring around the office since you’ve been gone.

Get Well Soon
Sorry to hear about your misdiagnosis. I’m sure you’ll feel fine once you’re off the anti-psychotics.

Cards for the newly-diagnosed ADHDer

Congratulations on Your ADHD Diagnosis
So THAT explains it!

Congratulations on Your ADHD Diagnosis
I TOLD everyone it wasn’t your fault!

[for the newly-diagnosed ADHD woman] Cheer Up!
At least it’s not menopause, depression, or early dementia.

*  *  *  *  *

Ok, guys, your turn! Please feel free to send in a card suggestion of your own! Maybe I’ll produce these for my online store, Chick A-D-D Online!

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Kessler, Z. (2011). Greeting Cards for ADHDers. Psych Central. Retrieved on March 4, 2015, from


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