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He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life – Relationship Train Wrecks, Part II

In Relationship Train Wrecks, Part I, Jeff and I explored our various estrangements from family, friends, and work colleagues. We talked about our feelings of alienation, strategies for going back in time (or not) to ameliorate past derailments.  Our discussion ended with Zoë ruminating over whether or not to write Christmas cards this year announcing that she's already received her "Gift:" ADHD.

We pick up the blogchat there.

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ADHD: from A to Zoë – Visitor Kudos!

One of the things I've been doing with this blog is not only sharing my personal trials and tribulations, but also sharing my perceived successes.

I've been amazed and uplifted at how many blog visitors have written in with their own struggles and triumphs, and thought it was high time to celebrate and congratulate all of you.

The following comments were submitted publicly here at ADHD: from A to Zoë. I've edited them for brevity, and also for spelling, punctuation, etc., but the content remains true to the  original.

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He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life – Relationship Train Wrecks


10:25 am  Zoë   Jeff, I've been thinking about how ADHD has impacted my family relationships. Yet again, as Christmas approaches, I find myself composing a letter to my entire family saying, "Hey, guess what? I was diagnosed with ADHD...yadda yadda" and listing the applicable symptoms, in an effort to re-connect, let them know I feel estranged, and try to explain some of my past behaviour. I'm wondering how your own diagnosis relates to your family connections?

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Zoë’s Pet Peeves: Painting Myself Into a Corner

Today’s Pet Peeve is:  me.

I’ve been thinking about these Pet Peeves for a while now. And you know what? I'm not really a complain-y person. Honest.

I've painted myself into a box. I created Friday’s Pet Peeves, and I'm proud that this is the 33rd week that I've kept my promise to myself, and my commitment to you. But, more and more, I'm finding it hard to find things to complain about. More to the point, I don’t spend the rest of my life looking for bad things, but rather seeing the positive, so why should this blog be any different?  It is, after all, MY blog!  (Well, more like our blog, the way I see it, but you know what I mean).

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Off to the Gym…the Brain Gym!

So what, I wonder, does one wear to a Brain Gym?

Hopefully not bloomers or a baggy "gym-suit" á la public school.

When I saw that Rick Green (of, one of my favorite ADHD gurus, was teaming up with Brain Gym instructor Jill Hewlett of brain works global inc. for an evening of ADHD Awareness combined with cognitive fitness strategies, I was intrigued.

I spoke with Rick to find out a bit about the session, which is this Thursday, Oct. 21 @ 7:00 p.m. in Markham, ON (for more info., click HERE). I also spoke with Sharon Todd, Brain Works Global Inc.'s Director of Sales and Operations and Educational Kinesiologist.

Here's what they had to say about the upcoming workshop and their experiences with Brain Gym and cognitive fitness strategies.

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Zoë Kessler: Double Agent

It’s not easy being a double agent: professional journalist by day, ADHDer by… well… ok, all the time.

But today, I had to sublimate my full-time identity to the professional journalist.

Mission: Possible?

The Mission: ADHD woman goes undercover to an ADHD Clinic to interview a psychiatrist specializing in treating adult ADHDers.
Agent Zoë?

Yes, Chief?

You’re there to interview him, not the other way around.

No problem, Chief.
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ADHD Gender Benders, Part II

Part II

Miss ADHD Gender Benders, Part I? Click HERE.

On Tuesday, I introduced guest blogger Bob Lorincz. Bob and I began a conversation about having a subtype of ADHD normally attributed to the opposite gender. Here’s the conclusion of our dialogue discussing what it’s like to be a gender-bending ADHDer.

8:45pm Zoë   I was wondering, Bob, while I know that your diagnosis is still pretty new, do you feel that it has helped you understand your gender identification better? (as my diagnosis did for me).

8:50pm Bob    A little. It helps me to understand why I'm more sensitive, emotional, intuitive and daydreamy. (Is that a word? lol)

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ADHD Gender Benders, Part I

Introducing guest blogger, Bob Lorincz

I’m pleased to introduce guest blogger, Bob Lorincz. Bob, now 38 years old, began to hear about ADHD as he graduated high school. His diagnosis didn’t come until this September, 2010.

Bob had mentioned in his comments to ADHD from A to Zoë that he’d been diagnosed with the inattentive subtype of ADHD. As I have the hyperactivity component, I thought it would be interesting for us to share our experiences of being gender-bending ADHDers.  Here is the result of our conversation.

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Zoë’s Pet Peeves: Giftiness

A long-time fan of Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report, I've been working on a submission to his segment, "The Word."


Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, author of The Gift of ADHD, “Giftiness” shows us that we can translate the symptoms of ADHD into "gifts," with very little thinking, or effort, at all.

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He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life – Edifice Wrecks, Part II

This week’s He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life gives a nod to the classic Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles. If anyone could wreak havoc, it was ‘ol Oedipus. Sometimes, being ADHD, is no different. Read on, brave reader! And be wary of oncoming ruin!

Edifice: an edifice is, literally, a structure that has a roof and walls and stands permanently in one place. Metaphorically, it is an abstract structure or a complex entity of many parts. We use it here to mean the many complex components that go into keeping one’s life on track (organization, purpose, intent, structure, schedules, planning, etc., etc.)

Wreck: to reduce to a ruinous state


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