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He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life

Introduction to He Said / She Said: Examining the ADHD Life

I'm excited to announce this new feature of ADHD from A to Zoë. I'd been looking for a fellow ADHD er to collaborate with for my blog. I want to know what the ADHD experience is like for a man and how it compares to an ADHD woman's experience so when I came across Jeff's blog, Jeff's A.D.D. Mind, I realized I'd found my collaborator.

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Your Truth, My Truth, Our Truth: Is ADHD Real, or Not?

Darn it.

After yesterday’s brave words, I found myself feeling quite low this morning. I wasn’t sure why, until I sat out on my balcony and tried to read a book. I just couldn’t concentrate on the words, even though I’ve been enjoying Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander very much (I’m going to write my own, called, “Outlandish,” but that’s another story…) (my birth name, by the way, is Diana...)

I had to read each paragraph over five times. Finally, I gave up and let my feelings surface: sadness, defeat, confusion, and yes, a bit of despair. I even shed a tear or two. Here I was again, existentially confused. Why? Jessica’s words.

I thought they hadn’t reached their target. I see that they have.
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ADHD Medications

Zoë’s Pet Peeves: Adult ADHD – Looking for Help in All the Wrong Places, Part II

[Feel free to check out Part I of this series if you missed it!]

In last Friday’s blog post, I expressed frustration at the fact that we’ve had research on adult ADHD for over a decade, yet it’s still difficult to find information, more difficult to find support, and even more tricky to find an expert to diagnose you.

Today, I’ll share my bizarre journey into the netherworld of adult ADHD. It’s a labyrinthian journey: pack a lunch ‘cause it’s rife with false turns and dead-ends…you’ll probably need a snack.

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I’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (OK, maybe not a long way, but some of the way…)

This week I discovered Jeff’s ADD Mind blog. I was reading his take on having ADHD and getting rich & famous, or, rather, NOT getting rich & famous.

I admit, it was a bit depressing. But just a bit. Truth is, I still want to be rich and famous. I do. So sue me. No wait – wait until I’m actually rich & famous, you’ll get more…

Anyway.  In spite of Jeff’s assertion that, “Simply stated, there are NO positive aspects of A.D.D./A.D.H.D. That’s right!
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Famous ADHD ers – or Not

When I first started searching for information about ADHD, I came across a curious website that claimed all kinds of celebrities as having ADD / ADHD.  Perhaps you’ve seen it:

There’s another one that is just as ludicrous here: I’ve tried to contact “Dr. Jerry,” the host of the latter site, to ask how many of the famous people listed have actually received a formal diagnosis, but so far, I’ve received no answer. Quelle surprise.

ADHD diagnosis?

The catch is, how can we know any of these people actually have ADD or not? I mean, do we really have access to the private health records of Abraham Lincoln? Did they even diagnose for ADHD back then?
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