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ADHD (General)


In my post, Best Buds for a Chick-A-D-D – Choose Wisely!, I talked about my experiences with making and keeping friends, and the challenges I had. While many, or perhaps even most, of my issues might be shared by both genders, one of my readers commented that,
"I don’t know why people insist that there is such a divergence between the sexes when it is all really an illusion."
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ADHD (General)

Best Buds for a Chick-A-D-D – Choose Wisely!

"But you got to have friends, friends, the feeling’s oh so strong"
I used to sing along with this lyric from a song called “Friends” on the Bette Midler album, The Divine Miss M.  Like most women I know, I run to my girlfriends when things go wrong.
From friends to fireworks
Over the years, I've formed deep friendships with women. I've also destroyed more than a few friendships along the way. The worst endings happened by sudden trainwrecks, fueled by
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ADHD (General)

Shattered, Scattered and Scared – Finding ADHD Support

ADHD, alone, and scared

Shattered, scattered and scared …that’s how I felt when I was first diagnosed. With no local support groups around, and my one ADHD friend at large, I also felt alone.

Support groups for ADHD - doomed to fail?

But let’s face it: support groups for ADHDers wouldn’t work. Think about it - most of us would forget the meeting date. Many of us would get lost on the way to the meeting, and the rest of us would be late! If we managed to get there, we’d be so distracted we wouldn’t be able to focus on what’s going on, or we’d be so impulsive, we’d just keep interrupting each other.

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