Are you ADHD Self Aware?

By Kelly Babcock • 1 min read
I think I know ...

I think I know this one …

It is arguably the single most important aspect of being human, that we are aware of ourselves. We must be aware of our existence in order to be able to advance.

And as a species, we have advanced greatly. The fact that you are reading my words, whether you live around the block from me or on the other side of the globe, is the result of our awareness that we are.

I write for you because I’m aware you are there.

And of course we are self aware. The other reason I write is because I enjoy writing. I’m aware that I enjoy it.

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When Will The World Catch Up To ADHD?

By Kelly Babcock • 2 min read
It's a state of mind ...

It’s a state of mind …

A million years ago, when I was a computer programmer and then a technician, I used to see the world of technology as being at three distinct levels of advancement.

Basically, there were systems on the third level, in homes and offices where mundane jobs were performed. Then there were systems that were highly functional by comparison. They were being used for specialized things almost exclusively in industry, like advanced research and development.

Then there were systems that were being developed and deployed simply for the purpose of developing new systems. They were the ones that were pushing the envelope, making advances that would be studied and would dictate what the next generation of systems would be capable of.

I used to refer to these levels as “state of the art,” “state of the industry,” and “state of the basement.”

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You’re How Old? And You Have ADHD?

By Kelly Babcock • 3 min read
This is how old I am!

This is how old I am!

I have a problem. Well, I have lots of problems, but I have one I’d like to share.

It’s my age, or rather, my ages. I have ADHD, so I have a chronological age, a physical age, an emotional age, and an age based on how much time it feels like I’ve lived.

Those ages, in that order, are 56, 86, 13, and 21.

Now the 56 can be ignored, that’s just the amount of time since my birth. I don’t look that old, and I feel much older (has anyone seen my liniment?).

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A Biased Look At The Three Groups Of ADHD Opinion

By Kelly Babcock • 2 min read
I think that maybe ....

I think that maybe ….

I know there’s lots of information out there about ADHD. And there seems to be three distinct groups, according to social networks and news outlets.

Those three groups differ greatly in their approach to the validity of ADHD.

And then, to complicate things, there is a bisection of these three groups. Each of these three groups is made up of people who don’t have ADHD … and people who do have ADHD.

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Focus On Attention

By Kelly Babcock • 1 min read
Attention is easy ... focus, not so much!

Attention is easy … focus, not so much!

ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The name is a blanket term intended to collect a spectrum of symptoms under one heading. There are in fact two distinct main manifestations of ADHD, primarily inattentive and primarily hyperactive, with the third most common being a concatenation of the two.

In fairness, many of those who have the primarily hyperactive subtype do experience some increased symptoms of inattentiveness. However, one needs to have consistent negative repercussions from inattentiveness in order to be assigned the “primarily inattentive” or the “combined” subtype classification to their diagnosis.

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Dismiss Your ADHD – Five “True” Dismissive Statements

By Kelly Babcock • 2 min read
Really? Truly? Are you sure???

Really? Truly? Are you sure???

You’ve met them. You may even know some of them quite well. Those people who, unencumbered by any valid instruction in the concepts of mental health issues or disorders, are perfectly happy to dismiss ADHD as fake. Maybe you are one of them.

I love the line, “Well, I have a [brother in law, gas station attendant, hairdresser, paper delivery boy, or other valid source of scientific gossip] who says that ADHD is [made up, something everyone has, what was the question, caused by diet soft drinks] so I know enough not to give it any credence.” Large sigh – yep, I never get tired of hearing that one.

As if someone else saying it first makes it somehow less imbecilic or more acceptable.

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ADHD For Valentine’s Day – Part II

By Kelly Babcock • 2 min read
Don't worry, all part of the plan ...

Don’t worry, all part of the plan …

I know. Even later now than on Wednesday. Again, I’ve been busy. Cray-cray busy. But I explained all that in the already late ADHD For Valentine’s Day. And I did promise to address this issue.

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ADHD For Valentine’s Day

By Kelly Babcock • 1 min read
I love Valentine's day ... maybe

I love Valentine’s day … maybe

Just in time for Valentines day, I wrote this post to help you out.

Actually, I’m well aware that it’s late.

I wanted to do something like this, but I have been busy. No, really, I have been busy.

And not just ADHD busy. You know ADHD busy, right? That busy when you’re supposed to be doing one thing and instead you’re picking up and putting down one thing after another and just doing one more little thing, deluded into thinking that you’re being efficient and making things easier and you’re finally going to get ahead of it all.

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Remember Me … And My ADHD

By Kelly Babcock • 2 min read
True, no doubt

True, no doubt

Here’s a problem that those of us with ADHD have. We want to be known, recognized, accepted. And so we say things and do things. Things calculated to be noticed, remembered.

But we have no sense of time really, and we have no sense of appropriate. Okay, that’s not true. What is true is that in the heat of the moment, when an opportunity arises, we don’t take the time to assess appropriate, and we don’t think about long term impact.

And we assume that the words or the thing we do will be the thing that lasts.

But when we make people laugh, they remember that we made them laugh. When we make them feel love, they remember feeling love.

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The Real Victims Of Stigma

By Kelly Babcock • 2 min read
It's the right thing to do

It’s the right thing to do

The idea that a mental health disorder makes you less of a person is pretty deplorable. And sadly, it’s also a rather common mind set.

And it hurts those who are victims of it.

This is, of course, what stigma is, this very idea. And to say that it’s hurtful is a huge understatement.

And the victims of stigma are everywhere. Some are easy to spot if you look, some are not so easy to see. And some of them are down right surprising.

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