Happy Belated Birthday

Today is Friday, January 15th, 2016. That's not really an important date. I mean, sure, it's someone's birthday, maybe even yours. If so, Happy birthday.

But are birthdays really what you'd call important? It's nice when people take the time to celebrate the fact that you are here, in the world, part of their community or family, but they could have just done that any day.

I suppose it is convenient to use the anniversary of ones birth to celebrate a person. We wouldn't want to do it too often, or for that matter too little when you think about it.
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Speaking With An ADHD Accent

Do people with ADHD have passion? Does it drive us at higher rates of speed? Is that what makes those of us who are hyper so very, very, very hyper indeed?

I say yes. And I say so even though I can't prove it clinically. I say that every time I screw something up, passion likely had something to do with it. And every time I do the opposite, come up with the win, save the day, stop the train before it reaches the heroine tied to the tracks, it was passion that was my super power.

Okay yes, that was a little melodramatic ... but was passionate, right?
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ADHD Without The “H”

I'm not a calm person. In fact, I'm a bit bouncy. I'm about to turn 57 and I still get the urge to climb trees, fences, buildings, things.

In my town there are raised flowerbeds on the sidewalks of main street. They have stone walls with nice wide capstones on the tops of those walls. They're only raised 12 to 15 inches I'd guess. And I can't walk by them without acknowledging the urge to jump up on that capstone and walk the length of the raised bed.

Sometimes the urge wins. Sometimes I keep myself from jumping up there. And sometimes both the urge and I win, 'cause sometimes I don't give a damn about what it looks like for a man nearing his sixties to be bouncing on top of a raised flower bed.
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I Never Calculated On Dyscalculia

My big confession today is that I love math. I didn't do well learning the multiplication tables, and to tell the truth I still have to recalculate the addition of a single digit to many numbers. But mathematics I love.

You'd think that I would have been terribly frustrated, but what happened was really quite simple. I learned to make calculations very rapidly, so although I couldn't count on the learned knowledge that 77 and 8 were 84, I could count eight up from 77 and find that in fact, it's 85. And I could do that quickly enough that I seemed to be rather slow, but not incapable.

What I loved about math was that, while I couldn't seem to file all those addition and multiplication results away for instant recall, I damned well understood when to do what and could figure out how to solve a problem faster than most. So by the time others got to the actual calculations I was already well ahead.

Yes they would pass me usually, but I'd still finish. And I knew I was okay.
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ADHD And Oral Hygiene

I'm in a little bit of a bind. My oral health (teeth and gums), isn't the best, they aren't in the best of shape. A quick search online gives that situation the patina of truth and commonality for people with ADHD.

And I currently have an issue with a tooth that is rather important to me. I'm not vain, well not terribly vain, but this tooth is part of my smile. And my smile is part of my stage presence. Lets just say the loss of this tooth could possibly jeopardize my stage work. ... okay, there's a fair bit of vanity involved also. I'm human.

Now the thing is, people with ADHD have oral health problems. Speaking personally, I don't have an aversion to brushing my teeth, but if I head to the sink to do that, there's a good chance that I'll be sidetracked, distracted. And the risk grows exponentially with any increase in distance from where I am to that sink when I get the idea to go brush my teeth.
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Today I Love ADHD

I'm not one of the people who says ADHD is a gift. Nor do I say it's a curse.

I'm actually one of those people who says ADHD is a disorder. And it's a damned insidious one. The real insidiousness of it is that medication won't cure it, stress makes it worse, and knowledge makes it more obvious.

But still, in all of that, there are things about it that make me certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I would not want to be anyone else than the person I am. I would not give up the way I am in order to get rid of the disabling aspects of my ADHD.
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A New ADHD Year

I am a big fan of not making resolutions. See, we get distracted, then we realize the world didn't end so we get to procrastinating.

Then we just either forget about those resolutions or we say “forget about those resolutions!” ... and we do.

I saw a meme last night on good old Facebook that showed a man sitting on the edge of his bed lost in thought. And what was he thinking? Well, the thought bubble said he was thinking “I can't believe it's been a whole year since I didn't become a better person.
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Adult ADHD

ADHD Performance Review

“Well, now Mr. Babcock, come on in. Have a seat and we'll get right down to it, shall we?”

I haven't had to endure a performance review in years. I remember them though. They were never fun. But I always saw the point to them.

It's actually very useful to know what management is thinking and what they've heard. And it's downright imperative to know what they are expecting from you and whether or not they're satisfied that you're satisfying their expectations.

“Firstly, Mr. Babcock, I'd like to say that we are very happy that you have been a part of the organization for quite a number of years.”

Because I've been working for myself for a while now, two and a half decades of working for myself in fact, I've not had the benefit of a performance review in at least that long.

So I've decided to give myself one.
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The Flavor Of ADHD?

I've heard it all, the age old debate, is it this or is it that?

Some people tell you ADHD is a curse. Are they right or are they wrong? Some say it's a gift. What about them? Are they right or wrong? Is there a right or wrong in all of this?

Some people have an opinion without having ADHD. Do they have any right to that?

Some people have ADHD and go from one side of the debate to the other.
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It Came Without Packages, Boxes Or Bags

How ADHD Stole Christmas!
You know I've written in rhyme before, and I've emulated the great Theodor Seuss Geisel. But the truth is, that I respect and adore him way to much to blatantly rip off his style again. ...

Okay, in truth, I'm sick, and tired. And there is no way of just dashing off something as challenging as a Dr. Seuss like bit of prose even small enough to fit in a blog post without a great deal of effort. The man was a genius and mimicking that is a difficult and challenging task.

Maybe next year, maybe. But in the mean time, I'd like to point out how "Grinch like" ADHD actually is.
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