ADHD – Decisions, Decisions

Making decisions is hard work. I mean, I'm pretty decisive, it just takes a long while to work up to that decisive moment.

Well, to tell the truth, sometimes I make snap decisions with less determination involved than if I'd flipped a coin. I'll say the first thing that comes into my head as if I'd been thinking about this very decision for days and just waiting for the opportunity to declare my choice.

When that happens, I do not then grit my teeth and wait for the worst. I usually immediately start working on spinning the back story to my decision to sound like I really did intend to make that choice all along.
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ADHD – A Different Life

Let's examine a few facts. Current statistics tell us that somewhere around ten percent of the population is affected by ADHD. We know that there is a still larger segment of the population that does not fall into the category of neuro-typical. And I'm not going to attempt to guess what that percentage is.

Now I'm okay with the word normal, it's the antonyms that I have problems with. The idea is that those of us who fall outside the realm of neuro-typical are not normal. We're abnormal, sub-normal.

But down through the ages, ideas have been wrong. And this one is wrong also. This one is very wrong.

It's wrong because there are many of us. How can we not be normal if there are so many of us. Well, that's easy, because there are only one to five of us in any one classroom, only 10 to 50 of us in any ten classrooms. In any work place with more than 10 people there is likely to be one or more of us. That's not a lot of us.
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ADHD, How It All Stacks Up

I wish I could pile all my ADHD symptoms up, make a big heap of them, and torch them. Kiss them goodbye, burn them down, and make s'mores over the coals.

I wish I could get my income tax filed on time. That would be great. I used to do that, I used to do my taxes while I was at work. I had a factory job when I was young and it often involved standing at a machine and giving it my attention for a moment or two and then waiting a few moments for it to require my attention again.

Through the course of my day I often read, a pencil and a book in front of me. I'd mark the spot I'd finished reading at and do what was needed and then find my mark and read on. Through the course of a year, I read lots of books.

But when tax time came along I'd put the books away. I already had a pencil, and I'd bring my forms and receipts to work and after a while I'd be done.
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Shut Down By Confusion And ADHD

I've been trying to organize my house. I'm looking at making some big changes but first I need to be ready for them by making some changes.

Wait, that sounds confusing. I need to clear away the clutter, throw out things I've been hoarding, downsize, simplify.

So I'm starting from the ground and working my way up. The ground I'm talking about is my basement. It isn't an easy thing, but I've had help.

My late wife had an antique shop in the basement and for four and a half years since her passing those antiques have sat waiting for me to do something with them.

It was too much. I'd go down there and start to pack them away and it would be like nothing was getting done.
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Adult ADHD


Have you heard this yet? I'm telling you I was skeptical at first, but it all seems quite valid.

There's a doctor in Geneva who has found a way to re-initiate the development process of the frontal lobes of the brain.

His name is Dr. Isaac Makietreit, and he has discovered that a chemical that can be extracted from a certain fungus that grows at high altitudes is identical to the childhood cerebral hormone, dihydrifen.

Little was known about dihydrifen beyond the suspicion that it was the hormone that tells the brain to continue to develop. As a person ages, the dihydrifen becomes less prevalent in the brain and development eventual ends in the late twenties.
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Experience My ADHD

So you want to know what ADHD is like? I'll tell you what it's like. It's like ... but wait. Why should I tell you? If you want to know, you should just experience it.

And the best way to experience things (I've learned this from “cop shows”) is to go on a ride-along. The great part about this is you won't need a bullet proof vest. At least, I don't think you'll need ..... Well, maybe bring it along just in case.

We'll start with the beginning of the day. Did you know that people with ADHD have sensitivity to irritating physical stimuli? First thing in the morning I get up and get dressed, my T-shirts often have holes in the back of the collar where I've ripped out the label.

My jeans are from the second hand store because someone has already broken them in. As a child I hated wearing new jeans, the only cool thing about them was when you took them off at night your legs were usually blue from dye transfer. Oh, and you could lean them against the wall, they were so stiff they could stand on their own. I know jeans are a lot less rigid now, but I still buy mine used. Old habits.
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We Are Good People, With ADHD

I know, we aren't all good. Some of us are jerks. I might be one of those, how does one tell?

Anyway, the thing is that we are no worse then the worst of the rest of the population and no better then the best of the rest of them. We are people. We have our differences. But mostly we are interchangeable with the gen-pop (general population).

Some of our differences are just trivial. We are more likely to be mixed dominant, or left handed. You can't get much more random or trivial than that. Well, trivial unless you believe that lefties are Satan's minions, then I suppose you might think that's less trivial. But hey, they aren't. You know, Satan's minions, they're not.
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ADHD, The People, With The Thing, That Does The Stuff

I could write three blog posts every Friday and schedule them to publish over the next week. Or, I could write 12 or 13 of them at the end of each month and schedule them to be published, one every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through the next month.

But that doesn't happen. What happens most often is that the night before my self imposed deadline I sit down and write a blog post based on some inspiration I've had that day. Or, I do some reading and come up with some inspiration. Either way, I manage to write a blog post. One. No more.

Then I schedule it for the next morning and I go to bed. Since I began writing this blog I've been pretty good with my deadlines, I've missed two or three of them, but I've always made up for the ones I've missed. Four times I've gotten up out of bed to write at night after realizing I have a deadline the next day after going to bed. And once, I set my alarm for five so that I could get up and write a post the morning of, when I was just too exhausted to write that night.
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ADHD Labels Are Bad, Right?

Some people say labels are a bad thing. Sometimes I agree. But not always. Here's the deal, sometimes labels are bad.

If you label someone, you marginalize them. What does that mean? It means that they are being relegated to the outskirts, they are being set aside either because they are deemed to be not salvageable or they will be dealt with later if there is time and money.

Additionally, if you label someone, you run the risk of that label being used as judgment by others. You may not have intended any negative stigmatization, but others may not perceive the label that way.
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ADHD, I Got This

I do. I have ADHD. It isn't something you catch, so don't worry, I'm not contagious. On the other hand, if you already have it but are oblivious, close proximity to me might cause you to catch on.

See, I'm pretty aware of my disorder, pretty aware of the things it does to my life, the issues it causes, and yes, even the bonuses I can derive from it.

And I'm not a quiet guy. So if you hang around with me, you'll start hearing all about life with ADHD. And if you recognize yourself in the picture I paint, you may catch a bad (or good) case of understanding.
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