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So, on Wednesday, we talked about how we focus on things like TV. I suggested that It wasn’t really a positive thing, more like something we can’t help. And while the focusing is something we’d like to be able to harness, I didn’t think I could find any help in examining this particular habit.

I did allude to the idea that drama might play a role in focus, and, bad TV aside, I still think drama is a great focusing tool. If you can find drama in a dull task, you have a better chance of making it to the end of that task.

My mother had a way of making my tasks more difficult. Don’t get me wrong here, she knew what she was doing. If I was suffering in my attempts to get through a particularly tedious task, she would make it more challenging. Bingo, focus accomplished.

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Bring On The Drama: My New ADHD Medication Part II

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  1. This is great Kelly, the way you have relived this moment in time, makes it very easy to envision.. Your Mom had insight..and isn’t it wonderful when we as adults can look back and say, ‘Oh that’s why Mom/Dad did that’. Now I get it. Wonderful story, hope there is more to come.

    • There’s always more, Cindee. Stay tuned …

      Thanks for reading my post and for your comment,

  2. Oh, gawd! Yes, I am finding this very much an issue when teaching my child. I can remembr the different ways my parents taught me things versus how certain teachers taught, and I know that I must do the same with my own.

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