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It’s Friday. Two Fridays ago I kinda went on a rant. Last week was Black Friday so we had to pay some attention to that. This week I’m heading in a different direction. Today I want to talk about meditation. I may get in trouble for this, but I’m gonna suggest you go to church.

Okay, you got me, I’m not exactly a church going kind of guy. In fact, my beliefs are not really in line with churches as we know them. But I want to tell you about my recent experiences.

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ADHD Mindfulness: A Surprising Place To Meditate

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  1. Although I don’t get to read very many of your articles…(No fault of you, just me forgetting they are here to read), I was more intrigued in this particular article as part of your subject matter is what I do. Going to church to meditate, ponder, figure things out, whatever you wish to call it, is I find a great place as well. I do take notes in church often. I grew up watching my father take notes on the sermon, questions he had and other thoughts the sermon or life inside the church provoked. I too began doing this and find that when I do pull out my pen, I get a much more meaningful time for the hour or two I am there. So often, I think we feel safe, physically, mentally and emotionally in a church. And that makes our meditation much more revealing, real and satisfying… from this ole girl’s perspective anyways. thank you for being so honest Kelly. Perhaps some Sunday I will look down from my singing spot and see you sitting there..:-)

    • Thanks for your comment, Cindee. I should point out that while the sermon may inspire me in my note making, it usually is because it makes me think of ADHD in one way or another. My notes often have little or nothing to do with church.

      Thanks for reading my post,


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