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ADHD Goes Back To School

So there's this website called ADHD Kids Rock. It's a place where kids can read about Jeff Rasmussen's determination to succeed in the face of ADHD, and where they can also engage, discuss and learn about ADHD and how it affects their lives and the lives of others.

And while this is a blog about adult ADHD, the truths are that none of us became adults without first being kids, that many of us have kids who are dealing with ADHD (and wouldn't it be nice to give them more of a boost than we had), and hey, who among us is that grown up?

So I support this website and admire what Jeff has started out to achieve, and I will do whatever I can to help out there. And one way I can help is to promote the place.
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Mental Health As A Crime

I am aware that there is a disconnect between the systems that determine guilt and punishment, and the systems that would be needed to remediate the failed aspects of a person's makeup that allow criminal behavior.

I'm also aware that the percentage of people with ADHD is significantly higher among inmates of correctional facilities than the percentage of same in the "free" world.

And this makes me aware that we punish after the fact, rather than repair before the need for punishment. The so called “correctional systems” that encompass arrest, trial and punishment are meant to be a deterrent. Rarely do these systems actually rectify the issues and characteristics that cause the problems they are in place to deal with.
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Slagging Mainstream Medicine Still Popular Passtime

I'm always amazed by the success of negative advertising. If you can't present positive aspects of your own program, then pose questions that raise doubt about the competition.

This approach works often in politics, and I see it more and more in the health care industry.

In order to raise doubts, it seems the best thing is to ask questions that make others look bad. Consider the question “Yes or no, have you stopped beating your children yet?” You can't answer that without incriminating yourself. This isn't a common question we see in the attack ad world, but we see questions that, like this one, assume things not in evidence and ask people to decide what they think of the unproven supposition.

The other day I read a private diatribe on how the American Medical Association's top mission was to eradicate competitors. Apparently, according to this posting, homeopathy had once been “dominant over medical schools.”
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ADHD Medication RePrimer

How long has it been since we talked about medication? That long, eh? Well, that won't do. Lets have a chat, shall we?

Many of you may remember that I am not pro medication, but that I'm also not against it.

I happen to know that ADHD medication has been around for a long time. I know that the established medications have been tested and that the newer ones are being tested. Rigorously tested.

I know that there are some people for whom the medications may not work. I know that there are some people for whom the medications will cause side effects.
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ADHD & Mental Health Diagnosis As Therapy

I've met a lot of people who may have ADHD. Some say “I have that. Well, I'm pretty sure I do.”

Others don't say anything, possibly not recognizing themselves as being on the spectrum.

But without a diagnosis, you really don't have a starting point for treatment. In fact, without a diagnosis, you're just guessing.

When I first realized I had ADHD, I was stunned. I spent long moments trying to rationalize my life up 'til this point, and other long moments trying hard to deny and disprove the theory I had managed to create. It's a very long distance from realization to diagnosis.
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I Can’t Seem To Hold Back Time With ADHD

I whistle, in the dark.

I consciously look for the light places. I search for the good. I concentrate on the things I love.

And for the most part, I'm a positive person.

I make known my happy and cheerful thoughts and those thoughts come back to me from every corner of my world, magnified and multiplied by those who appreciate hearing good news in their own worlds.
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Why Get An ADHD Diagnosis?

There are benefits to getting a diagnosis. For one thing, a diagnosis opens up your options for treatment.
Without a diagnosis, you might read books about ADHD and avail yourself of certain behavioural tricks and hacks.

Without that diagnosis, you also might read this blog and blogs written by others and then make use of suggestions found therein. Those would include ways you might keep your focus or means by which you might remember important things or even advice on apps, computer programs and hardware that will make your life less ... you know, scattered and scrambled.
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Accomplishments And ADHD

Every time I do something, it's an accomplishment.

Every day is filled with accomplishments from one end to the other. But there are things I set out to do that I don't accomplish in a day.

Seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it? It seems like one of those dichotomies of which I sometimes speak. And I guess, to some extent, it is.
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The Autumn Of An ADHD Life

I have no idea if I'm in the autumn of my life, in ways it really feels like I am, but in other ways it still feels like spring for me.

It's truly difficult to reconcile wondering how I'm going to finance retirement in 10 years with wondering what I should be when I grow up.

And I'm still not sure what the requirements are for grading a life. Will mine be considered a success? Or will it be a failure?
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I’m Thankful That ADHD Means Having Regrets

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada, and soon it will be Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.

Maybe we could be thankful for something unique. What about our regrets?

What regrets you ask? Well, for starters, we forget. We get distracted. We make poor decisions. We practise deluding ourselves. And as a result, our lives suffer.

But all these things are parts of many peoples lives. True, we do these things and others to extreme. But it's the phrase “we do these things” that is at the root of our regrets. We make bad choices, bad decisions.
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