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You Want To Call Me Names?

I'm not ADHD. And ADHD isn't me.

I have ADHD, but that's not who I am. You can get to know me and never suspect that I have ADHD. Because again, that's really not who I am.

I can take a course in just about anything. I may do well, or I may struggle. Either way, it may be because of my ADHD, but you will never know that, because I'm a person. I'm not ADHD.
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ADHD And Acceptance

One of the most needed commodities in the life of a person with ADHD, is acceptance. Many of us seem to crave positive social interaction.

Yet, when our social interactions take on a negative caste, many of us are understanding of that. It's as if we just believe that we don't deserve to have positive experiences. Or as if we were trying to hide our flaws, but had to admit that, of course they would be discovered.

But I've become aware of an interesting thing with regards to acceptance. It seems to be contagious.
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Are you ADHD Self Aware?

It is arguably the single most important aspect of being human, that we are aware of ourselves. We must be aware of our existence in order to be able to advance.

And as a species, we have advanced greatly. The fact that you are reading my words, whether you live around the block from me or on the other side of the globe, is the result of our awareness that we are.

I write for you because I'm aware you are there.

And of course we are self aware. The other reason I write is because I enjoy writing. I'm aware that I enjoy it.
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A Biased Look At The Three Groups Of ADHD Opinion

I know there's lots of information out there about ADHD. And there seems to be three distinct groups, according to social networks and news outlets.

Those three groups differ greatly in their approach to the validity of ADHD.

And then, to complicate things, there is a bisection of these three groups. Each of these three groups is made up of people who don't have ADHD … and people who do have ADHD.
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The Real Victims Of Stigma

The idea that a mental health disorder makes you less of a person is pretty deplorable. And sadly, it's also a rather common mind set.

And it hurts those who are victims of it.

This is, of course, what stigma is, this very idea. And to say that it's hurtful is a huge understatement.

And the victims of stigma are everywhere. Some are easy to spot if you look, some are not so easy to see. And some of them are down right surprising.
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The Chemistry Of ADHD

You've heard that brain chemistry is a big part of ADHD. And you've heard that brain development also plays a role.

The role that development plays is most likely related to the chemistry. The parts of the brain that do not develop adequately are most likely those parts involved with the dopamine and norepinephrine functions. Those functions would be production and use of these chemicals.

The ADHD brain is developed well enough to have some production and some use of these two chemicals. And it does not take long for the affected brain to discover how to compensate for the missing functions.
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ADHD & Mental Health Diagnosis As Therapy

I've met a lot of people who may have ADHD. Some say “I have that. Well, I'm pretty sure I do.”

Others don't say anything, possibly not recognizing themselves as being on the spectrum.

But without a diagnosis, you really don't have a starting point for treatment. In fact, without a diagnosis, you're just guessing.

When I first realized I had ADHD, I was stunned. I spent long moments trying to rationalize my life up 'til this point, and other long moments trying hard to deny and disprove the theory I had managed to create. It's a very long distance from realization to diagnosis.
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In 2015, I Resolve To …

So here it is. My last post of 2014. And this is the last day of 2014, New Year's Eve day.

And today is traditionally the day that New Year's Resolutions are made.

And boy aren't we good at making those resolutions. We don't typically wait until New Year's to make them, either. If I had a nickel for every time I said “I'll never do that again!” I'd be somewhat better off than I am today.

Better yet, if I had a nickel for every resolution I've made that I wasn't able to keep, we'd be talking about my new car right now instead of resolutions.
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Give Me A Gift For The ADHD Holidays

There was a time when I thought I was normal.
Okay, you can stop laughing now. What I meant was I thought I was well within the normal spectrum and that, while unique and quirky, I was still just your everyday, average guy.

You're laughing again, I'll wait 'til you finish .... done? Good.

Then everything changed and I realized I'd never be within that so called “normal spectrum.”
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