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ADHD Epidemic … Not

Have you heard the noise being made about the increase in ADHD diagnoses? Have you heard people saying it's proof of a conspiracy? Have you wondered how much truth is in that?

I haven't. But I have inside information. Info that the conspiracy theorists won't likely share.

I've told you before that there was no ADHD diagnoses prior to the 70's. That's because there was no ADHD diagnosis. There was eventually a diagnosis of Minimal Brain Dysfunction.

What I'm pointing out is that that first uptick was the realization that this disorder existed. Imagine when Diabetes was discovered. All the years leading up to it there were no diagnoses, obviously. Then suddenly, a rather huge increase in the number.
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3 Manifestations of ADHD Impulsiveness

Impulsiveness is a large part of ADHD. In fact, it's a big part of one of the subtypes.

But you don't have to have “ADHD, primarily hyperactive” to be intimately acquainted with the details of impulsiveness. In fact I think there's some impulsivity in all ADHD.

But don't take my word for it, read on and see if I'm right.

And if I'm wrong, well, no two of us are exactly alike. But I still think there's a lot of impulsiveness in the ADHD life.
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ADHD And The Umbrella Manufacturing Industry

Quick, where's your umbrella? Front hall closet, maybe?

Nope,it's not there. That's where I would have guessed too, but we were both wrong. Maybe you left it in the car? I checked for mine in my truck behind the seats, but it wasn't there. You go look and see.

No, eh? Sorry, I thought you'd have been luckier than I was.

Where else could it be? Beside the back door? Did you loan it to someone? Is it in the downstairs shower where you left it to drain the last time you used it? No?
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See The Trees But Deny The ADHD Forest

I know lots of people who might well qualify for an ADHD diagnosis. But, for various reasons, they don't have one.

Some aren't aware that they have ADHD, some are aware that they don't want to have ADHD, some deny its existence even in the face of them having been able to write the list of symptoms just by writing down the things they would change about themselves and their lives … if they could.

And who am I to tell them they need to admit, accept, get tested? Who am I? I'm no one.
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I Have ADHD And I’m Awesome

I have ADHD, and I'm a writer. I write songs, poems, short stories, long stories, and of course, blog posts. This would be one of those.

And as a writer, I view literacy as an integral part of my ability to make a living. You see, if no one can read, I'm not really needed to do this writing thing, right?

So I do what I can to promote literacy. And one thing I can do is support the library system and concept as much as possible.
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Coming Out Of The ADHD Smoke

It's over five years now since I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD. And just like getting over some virus that seems to hang on for ever, it's been a long slow recovery from that initial shock.

And also like that long slow recovery, I realized that the changes brought about by awareness and knowledge have made a difference only recently and only in retrospect.

Like taking a deep breath one day and realizing this is the first time you've been able to do that in a long time, I realized that I'm finally able to get through a day without thinking about having ADHD at every turn.
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ADHD, Know Thyself

It may not seem like it at times, it may not seem like it ever, but there are occasions when I don't have a clue what to say.

I mean here in my blog. I am very rarely at a loss for words in person. In fact, it often seems that I don't really need to have anything to say in order to talk.

I know this because I often talk to myself, and every now and then I have to interrupt myself and ask if there might be an actual point to what I'm saying coming up any time soon ...

But my blog is not idle chatter. Or at least it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be a discussion of what I know about ADHD and what I experience in a life with ADHD.
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ADHD Is Being In The Now But Thinking In The Then

ADHD doesn't affect us all the time. It only affects us right now. Here in the present is the only time that awareness of ADHD matters.

If that sounds like a lie, well, I guess it might be. But the truth lies very close to it.

The first truth, in order of happening, is this: That the past is the past. It has happened. It is over. There is no way you can undo it.

And the second truth is this: Now is the time you can change. The present is the only time you have some moderate sway over. This is the only time you can act on decisions. Yes, the things you do will have a visible effect on the future, but the random stuff that happens will have the bigger effect, the final say.
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ADHD, And Not A Moment To Spare

If you have ADHD you know that we have issues with time perception and time management. And If you read my blog with any sort of regularity you know that I often talk about that.

And the truth is, that I'm not running out of discussion about ADHD and time ... but I am getting low on clever blog post titles.

Today's post is about being busy. And that's what's happening in my world. I'm having a busy June, A busy Spring and a busy 2015.
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ADHD Days And ADHD Years

There are anomalies in the fabric of time. They are caused by the influence of mass. Time literally warps around planets and stars and black holes.

But there are other anomalies in the fabric of time that happen in the life of someone with ADHD.

I heard this quote today, “The days drag by, but the years rush past.” And I thought, “How true.”

I get up in the morning on some days and I think I might go mad watching the clock slowly make its way just to the end of the next minute.
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