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Adult ADHD

I’m Mad About Having ADHD

I've been told that I have anger management issues, and I can't even begin to tell you how ticked off that made me feel.

Apparently some people believe that those of us with ADHD get angry easier and more often than people without.

The truth for me is that I get angry when I'm frustrated. And if I'm frustrated by someone unable to understand that I'm not angry … well, it's a pointless debate for me to engage in because I can't win. If I'm right, the frustration will soon leave me angry and then no one will believe I'm not angry, because I no longer am. Not angry, that is.
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ADHD, And I Got Nothing To Say

I'm a quiet kind of guy. I don't really have a lot to say. And that's true of today too. I really shouldn't be writing a blog post. I got nothing.

So, half that opening paragraph was a lie. It's true that I often don't have anything to say, but it's pretty rare that that stops me from running my mouth.

And even if I do have some small thing to say, I am often guilty of saying too much.
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Stuck With ADHD.

Let me tell you a little story. I could start this story with the words “You all know that I have ADHD, right?” But I think I'll just tell the story and you consider the impact of ADHD as you read it.

I do all kinds of freelance work. I work for a local online magazine called I write for them, and for Psych Central, and I write freelance articles and copy for websites. And I have photographs available for people to use for various purposes.

And last Thursday I decided I needed some stock photos of some fire damage that had occurred in my city as a result of an arson spree. One of the places that the arsonists had tried to light up, but that extinguished itself, was on my list.
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A Long Hard ADHD Week

I'll tell you this much for free, I don't mind hard work. In fact, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

But I do hate doing more than I should have had to do because of my ADHD. And this week has been bad for that.

“What's that about?” you ask? Well, let me just tell you.

When I'm working unsupervised, which is most of the time, several things that can be directly attributed to ADHD symptoms can make extra work for me.
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Mental Health As A Crime

I am aware that there is a disconnect between the systems that determine guilt and punishment, and the systems that would be needed to remediate the failed aspects of a person's makeup that allow criminal behavior.

I'm also aware that the percentage of people with ADHD is significantly higher among inmates of correctional facilities than the percentage of same in the "free" world.

And this makes me aware that we punish after the fact, rather than repair before the need for punishment. The so called “correctional systems” that encompass arrest, trial and punishment are meant to be a deterrent. Rarely do these systems actually rectify the issues and characteristics that cause the problems they are in place to deal with.
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Learning From Life With ADHD

I've finally found something that I can concentrate on, focus on, pay attention to ... It's not a good thing.

I'm having some breathing troubles … again. And it's not easy to ignore the feeling that there's no oxygen in the room.

As a person with ADHD who has a fair share of the hyperactive attributes in his combined type mix, I often discover that my breath is being kept from me when I become active.

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ADHD on Vacation

I'm on vacation. Yes. Right now. I'm sitting in a chair, looking out over a vast expanse of open water, my feet up, my soul filled with contentment, my mind … well, never mind what my mind is doing.

So why am I writing a blog post while I'm on vacation? Because … well ... because, shut up, that's why.

Honestly, I don't know why. I could have taken the week off and caught up next week. Or I could have scheduled a post or two in advance and been free of the burden of upcoming deadlines.

But instead, I just thought, “Lets see what happens.”
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My Impression Of ADHD Art

I don't do art. But I love art.

Okay, I'm getting the evil eye from folks who think that photography is an art form. And I'd say they are right, it is. And I do that.

Also, I should mention that I am thinking of the visual arts here. I'm not excluding music, poetry and literature from the arts, I'm just not talking about them in this post.

And so, what I meant to say was, I do not draw or paint or sculpt. I doodle sometimes, but not like I did in school when there was nothing else interesting to do.
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Don’t Let Me Tell You I Can Multitask

Everyone multitasks. Or at least they believe they multitask. The truth is that they actually do little parts of multiple tasks in alternating sequence. Few people can actually do more than one thing at a time.

But that “parts of multiple tasks in alternating sequence” thing, that's pretty good. And if we're going to look at humankind's abilities and say that within those abilities this is what we're calling multitasking, than yeah, we all do that.

And some of us do it more than others, better than others also. Like any other activity in our arsenal, there is a spectrum of competence. But ...
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Things ADHD Has Taught Me

I had a great idea for a blog post today. It was so good I thought I'd never forget it. You're reading this instead.

But you know, for the most part, I write things down now. I have a note pad and a pen in my pocket at all times. And sometimes when it's time to write a post, all I have to do is read my note pad and there are a whole bunch of ideas.

Admittedly, some of them sounded better before I wrote them down. Somehow a lot of them lose something in the brewing and steeping that occurs in my pocket after being recorded.
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