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The ADHD Lies We Tell

I never said I was going to get everything done, I just never said that I wouldn't. The truth is that I never gave it much thought.

I guess I'd have to say, if asked, that there is no way I can get done all of the things I've got planned.

But I'm fully aware that, if asked about each thing individually, there would be none of them that i would say “No, I won't get that one done.” Well, there may be a couple, but maybe not.

It's the old straw on the camel's back thing. No single plan I've made is completely non-doable, but collectively they represent the reasonable aspirations of five neuro-typicals. Somewhere about four-fifths of the way down the load is the one that was too much.
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Drop The ADHD Anxiety

I am not telling you that you don't have troubles. If you've got ADHD, you've got troubles.

I'm also not telling those of you that believe ADHD is a gift that you're wrong. There are those among us who use the uniquenesses of this disorder to their advantage. I believe I do that in many ways.

But I'm not going to deny that the disorder also has its drawbacks.

And technically, if you view it as a gift without negative consequences than you aren't actually eligible for a diagnosis. One of the criteria for diagnosis of ADHD is the negative impact on your life.

So I'm in the middle here. Gift? Meh, probably. Curse? Yep.
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Sometimes Peanuts Come In Threes

You know that there are millions of horses out there, hundreds of breeds, dozens of colors and markings.

Horses are cool because people talk about them by their markings and color. Palominos, paints, buckskins, pintos, bays, every one is a mark of distinction. And who doesn't love horses? Right?

I did own a palomino once that seemed to have some weird ideas that made me question his intelligence, but I treated him as well as the other horses in the stable and possibly a smidgen better since he was my ride.

When we differentiate among ourselves by color, however, it usually isn't for positive reasons. We're never as good to ourselves as we are to horses in that respect.
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5 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Your ADHD

There are things that your boss, supervisor, or employer should know about your ADHD. But oddly enough, not one of those things that they need to know is the fact that you have ADHD.

Now there are exceptions to every rule. For instance, if I hadn't told Dr. Grohol that I had ADHD, he would probably not have offered me the opportunity to write about it here.

But this isn't the only place I work, and while he isn't the only boss I have that knows about my ADHD, I don't tell everyone about it.

And really, this is a special case. My job here is to tell people about ADHD.
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Free Upgrade To ADHD v2.0

Okay, that was a bit unfair. There's no new ADHD. Well, not really. It's all marketing, all spin, and it's all my doing.

I've just been pondering the free upgrade to Windows 10 that's being offered to me on both my Windows 7 and my Windows 8 computers. (I haven't booted up my Windows Vista notebook in a while, I'm not sure if it's receiving the same offer.)

Anyway, I'm reading that it (Windows 10) will be familiar and better. And I thought, “If it's going to be familiar, how is it going to be better?”

Oddly enough, I was just reading an article, before my computer once again “offered” to upgrade itself for free, about how people in a Scandinavian town so far north that they actually lose sight of the sun for several months each year actually look forward to those dark winter months.
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The Real Threat Of ADHD Medication

I read a lot about ADHD. And I don't limit my reading to the scientific studies, although that is certainly some of what I read.

I also read blogs like mine from people who experience ADHD first hand.

Additionally I read posts from clinicians and mental health care providers. Most of these people know what they're talking about. Good thing too, they're who many of us lean on for help.

But I also read things from people who like to pretend that they are presenting a well thought out and equally supported alternate theory or two about ADHD.
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The Truth About ADHD Procrastination

I've talked about procrastination before. I've mentioned it in passing I'm sure. But there are aspects of it that I've been meaning to address. I just ... well, you know.

The one big thing I've wanted to say on the subject is that somehow active procrastination hides itself. I've noticed this now for a while. Well, ever since I've started paying attention to the fact that I do procrastinate more than others, more than I should.

How does it hide itself? Cleverly. It hides itself very cleverly.

When I find myself passively procrastinating, that is, putting things off without thinking about them.  Then I know they're going to nag me, they'll make me feel bad. So eventually I'll focus in on the thing I've been putting off.
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Breaking: Study Suggests ADHD Persists Into Adulthood

I have news for you. You might want to sit down. It seems that some rocket scientist has discovered that ADHD might persist into adulthood.

No no, stop shaking your heads. It's true, it's all right here in the Independent. Well, you know, if the Independent is to be believed.

And given that the Independent has used a valid citation to an article published on a University of Cambridge page
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There’s No ADHD Back Seat

People with ADHD are a group that share a cluster of symptoms and traits. That means we have lots in common with each other. And while no two of us have all the same symptoms, we can usually recognize our strengths … okay, maybe not, but we can understand why other people with ADHD are good at some things and not at others.

Why? Because there are things we're good at. And things we're not so good at.
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Do You Believe In ADHD?

Do you think that ADHD is a real disorder? Do you know what constitutes this disorder? Do you believe that it affects millions of people in the world, maybe billions?

I'm asking you because I know that there are people who say that it does not exist.

People like the verbose and semantic manipulating Dr. Richard Saul, who claims that ADHD is a “catch all” diagnosis and that what is diagnosed as ADHD is actually some twenty separate things that are being misdiagnosed.
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