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4 ADHD Things That Make Me A Good M.C.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
MC Kelly

MC Kelly “I once caught a fish this big.”

I love to talk. I know this to be true. I mean, blogging is really just talking with text. And I do that regularly, right? So what would be a good job for me?

What about talk show host? Maybe, but I can’t guarantee that I could stay on topic with every guest. “So, Mr. Mayor, does the city have any plans to deal with the squirrel problem? They really are quite distracting. … Pardon? You thought I’d be asking about your latest ‘crack smoking video’? Why would I do that?”

There’s No Such Thing As ADHD? Really?

Monday, April 7th, 2014
Normans and ADHDers are like bread and tires ...

Normans and ADHDers are like bread and tires …

A conversation in the future:

“Papa, Timothy , my friend at school, says there was a time when people thought they were normal. Is that true?”

“Ha ha, well, yes, Bonnie, that is true. There was a time when humanity knew so little that some of our ancestors thought of themselves that way. But we know better than that now.”

The people who align themselves with autism have coined the phrase ‘neuro-typical’ or ‘NT’ to refer to non-autistic people. I’ve also used ‘NT’ as well as the phrase ‘norman’, a concatenation of the words normal and human, to refer to non-ADHDers. The words normal and typical suggest that there is an average or a norm that is represented by the general population.

5 Tips To Surviving A Life With ADHD

Monday, March 31st, 2014
How I did it ... so far

How I did it … so far

I may have mentioned this before, I have ADHD. And though I’ve only known that for six years (I was diagnosed five years ago), I’ve had it most of my life.

I have an interesting view of my life, yet not a terribly unique one (there are many people my age just finding out about their ADHD). My view of my life is one where I have memories of life as a confused person thinking I was just like everyone else.

Now, as I look back, I see the effects of ADHD and the intricate ways in which I rationalized, ignored and denied those effects.

Take A Deep Breath Of ADHD

Friday, March 28th, 2014
Hurray! It's the weekend!!!

Hurray! It’s the weekend!!!

I know it’s Friday. The work week, for many, ends today. Just get through this and we’re free for the weekend.

This is your happy place, right? You get to blow off the stresses and strains of that old nine to five and let go.

Not me, I don’t have what you might call gainful employment. At least not of the regular flavor. Mine comes and goes. Some contracting here, a bit of writing there, some snow removal in the right season, a moving job now and then, and some editing all serve to keep the wolf from the door.

5 Reasons Why ADHDers Make Better Lovers

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
Valentine's Day is coming ...

Valentine’s Day is coming …

You know I’m going to forget Valentines Day, right? And your birthday, if there’s no reminders all over the place. Anniversaries? Yeah, I’ve gotten really good at the Hail Mary play. You know, where I come up with something really great at the last minute and save my sorry self from the dog house?

I don’t think I can say that people with ADHD are better lovers because they forget special occasions. Or can I? The fact that we are placed in this situation so often in our lives has possibly made us very good at coming up with romantic plans on short notice. Will we count that as number five? Lets wait and see if we need to.

ADHD? I’ve Got This! Employable Skills

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014
This looks like a job for Man of DistrAction!

This looks like a job for Man of DistrAction!

You say you want someone to do a job for you? Tell me about the job.

You say the work is such that you’ll need to explain it to them and then leave them to do the best they can? You need someone with ADHD.

You say you don’t care when they do it, so long as it gets done on time? You don’t care if they can work nights and sleep days, or sit and think about it for the first three quarters of the allotted time and then burst into action when it’s almost too late? You need someone with ADHD.

The Most Musical Hints Of The Year

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


'Tis the season to try to relax ...

‘Tis the season to try to relax …

Seven days ’til the big day, if you’re a christian or if you celebrate Christmas. All that time we thought we had at the beginning of the month, where did it go?

Come to think of it, where did all the time go that we thought we had at the beginning of the year, the end of last years holiday season?

Let’s see if we can figure that out, shall we? Perhaps, like the undiagnosed ADHD that I lived with for 50 years, there are clues. Maybe, they too, are hiding in plan sight. Maybe they’re in Seasonal songs?

Anxiety And ADHD: Symptom Or Co-morbid Condition?

Friday, December 13th, 2013
It's not that easy ...

It’s not that easy …

Do I need to remind you of what time of year it is? Not likely. If you’re reading this blog because you have first hand knowledge of ADHD you’re probably saying “Please don’t tell me what time of year it is.”

Fine, I won’t. That will help me maintain a plausible denial as well. But wait, I already told you on Wednesday that I’m okay with the season. I’m easing myself into it, doing things as they come up, not committing myself to big deals or extravagant responsibilities. That part is working out swimmingly.

But I still have some anxiety. I left it a little late to tell you about this great idea I’ve had, this slipping into the festivities slowly and not volunteering to take care of absolutely everything. So that not telling you has me feeling a little anxious.

It’s Pretty Wild This Time Of Year

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013
You know it's coming ...

You know it’s coming …

It’s December the 11th. You know what that means, right? We’re deep into the so called “festive season.”

Are you keeping up? Are you on schedule with all your plans and schemes for the holidays? Don’t worry if you aren’t, the season will come, and go, no matter.

That which you didn’t get done will be remembered only by you and those who choose to remind you of those things. And they’ll do that because they believe they are helping you by so doing, or they believe they are taking attention away from their own shortcomings.

A Season Worth Celebrating

Monday, December 9th, 2013
A time worth considering celebrating ...

A time worth considering celebrating …

Today is Monday, December the 9th, 2013.

30 years ago today I was 24 years of age. I had a job. I was making reasonably good money. I spent some of it on gas, some of it on food, some of it on rent, and a lot of it on alcohol.

I didn’t know I had ADHD. I didn’t know I was an alcoholic. Okay, not true. I was in denial, the kind of denial you have to work hard at because you know the truth.


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