I don't need to breath!!!

I don’t need to breath!!!

I’m getting very tired of this. If you would like to tell me that you do not have ADHD, feel free. If you would like to tell me that you can’t find your car keys six days out of seven, but you don’t have ADHD, that’s okay.

If you would like to tell me that you walk into rooms 50 times a day and wonder what you went in there for, AND you can’t find your car keys but you don’t have ADHD, that’s okay too.

If you want to tell me you cannot focus on a book long enough to read the synopsis, you walk into rooms and then can’t remember why and can’t find yo

ur keys but you don’t have ADHD … that’s fine.

You see, if you have ADHD but don’t want to believe that, that is your choice. If you say you don’t have ADHD, you don’t. If I say I have ADHD, don’t take that to mean that I’m saying you do. If you have all the symptoms and say you don’t have ADHD, that’s your business. But if you need me to be “normal” for you to believe that you don’t have ADHD, I can’t help you there.

You see, if I told you that, though I breath quite regularly, it’s just a habit I’ve acquired and I really don’t need to, I could stop any time, you might think I was a little weird. But you couldn’t prove to me that I was wrong. You could say that you need to breath, but how would that prove that I need to breath?

So if you have all those symptoms, and insist that you don’t have ADHD, that’s your call, I’m not going to argue with you, I have a life to live.

But don’t tell me that it isn’t real!

If you are saying that ADHD isn’t real because if you admit that it’s real you’ll have to give in and own your share of it, sorry, it’s real. If you’re saying it isn’t real because you’re easily taken in by biased pseudo-journalism, don’t repeat things that have no proof. And if you’re saying that ADHD isn’t real because you’ve written a book that you’re sure you can sell lots of copies of because it’s controversial and you’re charismatic enough and fast talking enough to foist it off on people … I live in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada … that would be a good town to skip on your book signing tour.


Why would my town be a good town to skip? Because if you come to my town on your book launch tour, I will show up at your book signing, and I will be loud, and I will be inappropriate, and I will be embarrassing. These are things I do well.

Oh yes, you can count on it. I’ll be there … if I remember the date and time.








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    Last reviewed: 15 Apr 2014

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