Kidding! ... it's only my birthday

Kidding! … it’s only my birthday

It started out like any other day, I woke up at 6:30 and wondered what wondrous adventures I’d have today. I woke up at 6:30 and thought “I need a good stiff drink.”

I got up, put my slippers on and padded out into my neat and tidy kitchen in my pyjamas to make coffee. I got up and shuffled out to my messy kitchen, barefoot, no pyjamas (don’t ask if you don’t want to know), to see if there was any coffee … any coffee maker …. any hydro.

As the coffee was running through, I took my meds. Then I realized it was my birthday. I smiled quietly at having had another successful year. As the coffee dribbled into the pot, I stood dazed and glazed, til the alarm on my phone chimed to tell me “Take your meds, dumb ass!” When I cancelled the alarm, hoping I’d remember to take them, I noted the date and realized it was my birthday. I snorted derisively at having survived another year.

… Enough, I’m just having some fun with you

The truth is … somewhere in between. I always want a good stiff drink. Sorry, that’s what being a non-practising alcoholic is, wanting one, not having one. And I also look for wondrous adventures every morning. I don’t wear slippers often (or pyjamas much) and my kitchen is cluttered, but there’s coffee and hydro. I’m pleased with the year just passed, and impressed that I survived it.

And it was my birthday yesterday. I turned 54. I’m now officially older than dirt. By the way, if you see dirt, tell him I said he could comment here.

My year has had some stress, but so has yours, right. So I’m not whining.

In the past year, I’ve tried a few things to deal with ADHD symptoms. You haven’t heard back from me on how any have worked. If they had worked well, you’d have heard from me. The one thing that seems to be working for me is my attitude. I’m happy in my belief that all you get out of life is to live. Good, bad, or indifferent, the biggest waste, the biggest crime, would be to spend it worrying about where you’re going or where you’ve been.

Yes, I procrastinate

I’ve got things that need doing. Many are long overdue and I’m not making the best progress on them. Yet, I’m making progress. We’ll see what my 55th year of life brings. But I’m hoping my biggest achievement is to enjoy it.

Freedom 55

I’m 54, I’m in my 55th year. I was supposed to be able to retire by now. I’ve already retired from several things. But I’m not financially stable enough to see the world from the deck of a yacht. Maybe the bay from the deck of my 22 footer, for a week or so, as long as I don’t run the engine much …

Freedom ADHD

But I’m giving myself a little more freedom. I’m reading my poetry in public. I’ve offered some of my original music to professional musicians and one group is currently working up arrangements of a couple of my songs.

Moving meditation

And I’m walking everyday again. I had let that slide while working last summer and didn’t get back into it until last month. Yesterday was no exception. And today won’t be either.

And I’m getting more comfortable with my ADHD

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a walk, and I’m going to feel free while I do that.



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