Not really roughing it, eh?

Not really roughing it, eh?

Okay, I didn’t need my passport for this “vacation” – good thing, because I haven’t finished applying for it yet. Do I have to be caught up on my income taxes to get my passport? Oh well, that’s a question for another day…

Anyway, so I’ve rented a cabin. It’s near where I worked this summer as a contractor’s assistant in cottage country; since that’s about 70 miles from home, and there was a place I could stay for free while I was working, I stayed.

The place I stayed in was my boss’ trailer, at a trailer park on the shore of a beautiful lake on the Bruce Peninsula. Many of the park residents and some of the nearby cottagers provided us with work throughout the season. In addition to permanent trailer sites, the park also rents camp sites and cabins for travelers. I took advantage of the off season rates to rent a cabin for myself and a friend for the last week of September.

This is going to be good …

On our week’s agenda we listed walking, writing, singing, playing guitars, campfires, fishing, games, movies, and communing with each other & nature. But I forgot one little thing: I had to pack for all these activities… and I have ADHD.

I’d already decided to take my time packing, loading, and getting to the lake. But time, unfortunately, wasn’t all it was going to take. Why, when packing, do I go overboard? Is it my overactive imagination? Is my mind more hyperactive than I am? Well, duh!!!

Hmm ...

Hmm …

Some of the oddities I packed were a TV/DVD player, a toaster, two guitars (in fairness to myself, only one of them was mine), my “serious” coffee maker, a heater (even though I knew the cabin has heat)… and an empty sealer jar??!? I brought a book, and also my tablet computer with books on it. I brought three fishing poles, a sharp knife (even though the kitchen already has the basics), and of course, twelve days worth of clothing for a seven day vacation.

Why do I over pack?

Why did I bring so much? Two reasons come to mind. First, it’s late September, and I’m right on the 45th parallel, half way between the equator and the north pole, and half way between the summer and winter solstices. In my lifetime, I’ve had to wear a winter coat at this time of year before, and I’ve been swimming at this time of year also. You just can’t know what to expect.

That’s fair, but what’s the second reason???

The second reason is more relevant to us. I can’t help but try to compensate for what I know will happen: that I will start doing something only to find I’ve forgotten some pertinent item or ingredient necessary for the task.

And here we are …

I’m at the lake now, and unpacked – and yes, that took quite some time also. I’m ready to brush my teeth, with toothpaste that I had to buy in a town just south of here ’cause I forgot to pack mine. I’m hoping to shave soon, but I’ll be doing that in cold water (that’s what’s available in the cabin) with a disposable razor I had to pick up on the way here.

And, I forgot my portable BBQ. But I also forgot steak at the butcher shop, so I can’t barbeque anyway. But I also can’t barbeque my friend’s veggie burgers for her. We could always use the parks common BBQ, if I had brought charcoal…

So, to sum up, I’m enjoying my typical ADHD vacation. I’m about to go fishing… now which pole should I use?



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