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Click to view the cartoonDid he really say that? Oh no, he didn’t!
From Donna Barstow's Quick Fix
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Do You Resist When Anyone Asks or Tells You to Do Something?
By Gretchen Rubin in World of Psychology
It may have been a while since I posted on the Four Tendencies, but have no doubt, I’m still obsessed with this subject. I came up with the Four Tendencies framework as part of my work on Better Than Before, my book on habit change. There, I reveal the secret of habit formation.Really. Ready to...
Suggestions for Parents with Children in Therapy
By Angelica Shiels, PsyD in World of Psychology
I greet you in the waiting room, and ask if you need to let me know anything before I bring your child back to my office. You usually say “no,” and likely wonder what is going on behind that therapy wall for the next 50 minutes. Yes, parent of my...
Can Handwriting Foster Emotions and Relationships?
By Eve Hogan in World of Psychology
I have a treasure chest, well ok — a suitcase — in my office of old handwritten letters from friends, ex-sweethearts and family. Every now and then, I open this old-fashioned suitcase and pick out a letter or two reminding me of a great love, a wonderful experience, a heart...

Click to view this cartoonSuicide in the Military – What is the Solution?
From Chato Stewart's Mental Health Humor (click on cartoon for larger image).
Chaos and Creative Expression
By Douglas Eby in The Creative Mind
Dylan Thomas-word-network“The very impulse to write, I think, springs from an inner chaos crying for order, for meaning, and that meaning must be discovered in the process of writing or the work lies dead as it is finished.” Arthur Miller Creative people and writers about the creative process often say creative work is a way to release or...
The seemingly endless panic attack
By Elaina J. Martin in Being Beautifully Bipolar
panicLast week I had a rough day. I woke up in the king-sized bed I share with my boyfriend  and for the first few moments I had no idea where I was. This happens sometimes. Not frequently, but enough that I am going to bring it up to my doctors. Not knowing where you are is scary and, thus, began...
When a Client Says Something Hard to Believe
By Sara Staggs, LICSW, MPH in After Trauma
DSC03983Clients tell therapists some pretty unusual things. Consider the following scenarios: A middle aged woman in average shape claims that she is a professional soccer player An older woman in poor shape reports that she is routinely offered $30,000 for sexual favors A man swears that he does not feel at all guilty about refusing to see his 10...
Value Your Life Contributions
By Karyn Hall, PhD in The Emotionally Sensitive Person
  images               We all have days that everything seems to go wrong.  We get a speeding ticket, the dishwasher stops working and your zippers splits when you’re already late for a dinner engagement. Sometimes what goes wrong is bigger and more difficult. Maybe your best friend is moving away or someone you love...
Forgiving Ourselves
By Margarita Tartakovsky, MS in Weightless
creative joy, purple flowers This weekend I took out my journal and wrote a kind of letter to myself. I started with these words: I forgive myself… I wrote down the things I am ready to forgive myself for (and a few things I am not). Maybe you, too, want to focus on forgiveness, and write about what you’re...
Are Teens Texting Away their Lives?
By Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. in Psychoanalysis Now
shutterstock_180386567A study by the Pew Research Center and the University of Michigan found that nearly one out of three kids between 12 and 17 years old sent 100 or more texts a day. Seventy-five percent of the teens in the study owned cell phones and that figure is rising fast. Indeed, for teenagers, texting is the form of communication that...
How Long Should Psychotherapy Last
By Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. in Psychoanalysis Now
shutterstock_122189686“How long will it last?” is one of the questions people most often ask when they are about to begin psychotherapy–especially if it’s their first time. The answer I usually give isn’t the one people want to hear, because I answer with a question: “How long should yoga last?” “How long should you study piano?” “How long should you learn chess?”...
Therapist Blog Challenge #15: Parenting Tips
By Julie Hanks, LCSW in Private Practice Toolbox
It’s been a few weeks since our last Therapist Blog Challenge, but I’m ready to hit the ground running again if you are! Therapist blog challenge #15 focuses on parenting defiant young children. This is something that every parent has experienced, and you as a professional may be able to provide some...
Will Mindfulness Replace Religion? Don’t Count on It.
By Will Meecham, MD, MA in Peace, Love and Childhood Adversity
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein Will people someday discard beliefs about a caring universe? Will mindfulness meditation take the place of religion? Like my last two, this post was prompted by the recent book by...
Are We a Childist Society?
By Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. in Psychoanalysis Now
shutterstock_166569236What we need, according to two recent books, is an entirely new attitude toward children. Both books point to engrained notions about children that view them as a subservient class in the same way as we Americans once viewed slaves, and both show how these attitudes cause harm to children and to our society. Elisabeth Young-Bruehl’s book, Childism: Confronting Prejudice against...
ADHD Coaching:
Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask (Upcoming Webinar)

By Zoë Kessler, BA, B.Ed. in ADHD from A to Zoë
mark jones anchored awareness adhd coachingMark Jones, ADHD Coach I’ve been sharing a few updates about my ADHD coaching experience here at my blog. Now, it’s your turn! Mark Jones, from Anchored Awareness Coaching, has offered up his time and experience to present a webinar for us this Monday, September 22...
The Journey Of A Lifetime

By Kelly Babcock in ADHD Man of Distraction
Ready to hit the roadReady to hit the road It’s been five years since I was diagnosed with ADHD. I am now 55 years old. So technically, I’ve had ADHD for five years. But realistically, if one assumes that ADHD is heritable, I’ve had ADHD all my life. From the time of my...
“Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?” Pt 3:
Myths About Victims

By Sara Staggs, LICSW, MPH in After Trauma
4723657763_f85d0d2b36_z This week, After Trauma will feature a 3 part series on intimate partner violence. Each post will cover one of the three actors in domestic violence: the abuser, the victim/survivor and society. Today’s column...
Sex and Anxiety:
Why Do I Hold Back – Part 2

By Aaron Karmin in Anger Management
shutterstock_131108333Therapist: “There are many lessons we learn from the deaths of the loved ones: People I love can’t be trusted. They can die at any time and cause a terrible pain. My happiness is only temporary, and it will end in disaster. I need to keep my guard up to prevent these bad things from happening. Their death is somehow my...
Open Forum for Yoga Teachers:
What Made YOU Decide to Teach Yoga?

By Alicia Sparks in Your Body, Your Mind
Lyn Tally, Go Interactive Wellness | CCLyn Tally, Go Interactive Wellness | CC Several times over the past couple of years, I’ve considered getting my RYT 200, i.e. 200 hours of yoga teacher training so I can become a Registered Yoga Teacher. During 2013, I seriously considered it,...
Not Sad Not Hurt Not Angry:

By Jonice Webb in Childhood Emotional Neglect
5448337288_626fb64142_oIt’s like I have no emotions. I’m numb a lot of the time. Something is missing in me. I have no idea how I feel about anything. Sometimes my chest feels hollow. I feel empty inside. What might seem like five unrelated statements is actually five different people describing the same feeling. Everyone says it differently because there is no...
Mindful Emotional Eating – a Humanistic Harm Reduction Approach
By Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D. in 360 Degrees of Mindful Living
MeeHere’s a question that’s a lot on my clinical mind: “What do clients want and how do I help them get what they want?” This very question is at the core of humanistic harm reduction (HHR). When my client presents with concerns about “emotional eating,” I ask myself the same question. When you, as a clinician, get in the...
4 Things to Remember When the Going Gets Tough
By Mike Bundrant in NLP Discoveries
SeniorwomanWhen the going gets tough, smart people make a choice. The choice often involves two options: 1.    Persist (the tough get going) 2.    Quit (which is often a smart thing to do) It’s difficult to know which is the smarter choice, so I’ve written an entire life skills post about this (it even includes a free worksheet). For...
Men with Tattoos:
Why Do Women Dig Them?

By John D. Moore, PhD in Reaching Life Goals
  Chris Evans Tattoo Men with cool tattoos seem to be a major turn on for a lot of women – at least that is what a female friend of mine shared over a cup of coffee a few weeks ago.  According to her, men with tattoos were more fun, more masculine and generally speaking, more erotic. She even...
The Shattered Vase Is The Fertile Ground:
5 Things You Can Learn When Your World Falls Apart

By Claire Dorotik-Nana, LMFT in Leveraging Adversity
shutterstock_119537368Imagine that you had a treasured vase. Maybe even a family memento. Something that had enormous sentimental value to you, and could not be replaced. And then, one day, accidentally, you knock it off the shelf. To your horror, it shatters in front of you, it’s beautiful pieces flying off in a million different directions. And as you desperately pick...
Private Practice Kickstart:
Should I get certified in?

By Miranda Palmer, LMFT in Private Practice Kickstart
Psychotherapy CertificationsI talk to therapists often who report their business plan is to get certified in “fill in the blank.” At an EMDRIA conference it was amazing to speak to so many therapists whose practices were going well and packed! Many of them reported their certification in EMDR was a major determination of their success. Correlation equal causation These therapists...
Dare to Embrace the Uncertainty
By Jessica Beltran, MS in Thrive
uncertainty-of-lifeAs human beings we have a natural need to understand and control. We want to make sense of our world. And in a life that is so uncertain and unpredictable, we want to have power over the outcome of our experiences. And as we struggle to find certainty in life, a certainty that can never be found, we cling on...
Prejudice in the Bedroom:
How Many Pillows Does a Single Person Need?

By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D in Single at Heart
shutterstock_204548422Some societies, such as Finland, care deeply that every citizen has a respectable standard of living. A report on what should count as a decent minimum standard of living in Finland begins like this: “In recent years, the level of basic security has dropped, and the income of those relying on basic benefits has clearly fallen behind that of the rest...
Getting Over a Breakup
By Holly Brown, LMFT in Bonding Time
shutterstock_189555827We’ve all been there: stuck on the one that got away.  If you’re having trouble moving on, this post’s for you. 1)  Find out whether it’s really over, or if there’s a chance to reconcile. That means having an honest, adult conversation with the one who broke your heart.  Sometimes people avoid doing this because they don’t want to hear...
This Instruction May Seem Simple, Yet it is Very Profound
By Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
Make this week a week to be mindful of your diet. Not just the food you take in, but what you take into all of your senses — into your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sense of touch. breathing exercise What kind of diet are you feeding your senses? Are they on sensory overload from too much interaction with digital...
Are You Worried Your Husband or Wife Is A Narcissist? 10 Characteristics
By Cherilynn Veland, LCSW, MSW in Psychology of Women
I just did an article on dealing with a narcissist and I got a HUGE onslaught of readers who were wondering if they were married to or in a relationship with a4111298019_1dfa1cf804 narcissist. It would make sense then for you to be feeling confused, overwhelmed, and lonely.  So, I thought I would hook you guys up with a checklist...
Addicts Just Want to Have Fun (in Recovery)
By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S in Sex and Intimacy
Addicts Just Want to Have Fun (in Recovery)All Work and No Play… Jack a 52-year-old divorced high school guidance counselor, after a stint of inpatient substance abuse rehab, had nine months sober from both alcoholism and marijuana addiction. In addition to working 8 to 5 every weekday, Jack kept...
The Opportunity in Every Moment
By Margarita Tartakovsky, MS in Weightless
updated pic of heart blooms, may 2013, in CT My whole life I’ve leaned toward all-or-nothing thinking. Black or white. Binge or restrict. Terrible day or terrific. In my mind I was either the energizer bunny or a sloth. I was either beautiful or blah. And how could I be beautiful if I was only pretty sometimes? If I...
“Gratitude is the Parent of All Virtues”
By John and Elaine Leadem in Couples in Recovery
gratitude love True tolerance of others, especially of those we love, is a virtue that all romantic partners enter into their coupleship hoping to achieve. The actual attainment of this virtue however, proves to be a most difficult and challenging feat for many of us to accomplish. It is very challenging at times to truly tolerate the...



If a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted -- there is practically nothing she can't do.
-- Helen Lawrenson
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