Sometimes You Just Have to Unplug

We live in a world where information is nothing more than a simple click away; within seconds we have the technology at our fingertips to acquire a vast supply of knowledge. Even as I sit here and type this, the thought still blows my mind. I love the Internet. I love it when my daughter...
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If I Speak Up, Bad Things Will Happen

There you are in conversation, holding back. Of course you see the opportunities to share your opinions, ask questions and be heard. But what if you do speak up and someone gets offended? What if they ignore you? Worse, what if you make a total fool of yourself? Keep quiet. That's the safest route. Now, the safe...
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The Right to Say No

Because I work at a school, I get introduced to a lot of children. I usually start by holding out a hand in case they want to brush it, grasp it or go in for a hug. Sometimes a shy child draws back altogether. Unfortunately, when this happens, the child often is admonished: “Don’t be...
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Work on Your Relationship, or End It?

Sometimes we're unhappy in a relationship but we don't know which way to go with it. If you find you're in a holding pattern, here are some questions to ask yourself in order to get moving. (These can apply to all sorts of relationships: romantic, family, friendships, even work.)
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4 Tips to Reduce Final Exam Anxiety

Relax and look forward to summer by getting on top of your exam preparation. The school year is coming to a close, but high school students first need to make it through final exams. Try these strategies to get a handle on your anxiety and help exam season go smoothly: Get started now! Anxiety builds as...
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3 Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Relationship

Secrets to a healthy and happy relationship Just because you love your partner does not mean that you won’t have arguments and disagreements and even moments when you feel like you can’t stand one another. The most common types of conflict within relationships are triggered by/related to money problems, communication problems, emotional disconnect, and...
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Make Time For ADHD

Making time for me ... ADHD is all about time. Or more correctly, it's about how we have no sense of time passing. We are poor at judging how much time something will take when we plan. We make bad decisions about how many things we can squeeze in...
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