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Click to view the cartoonAn Awkward Proposal
From Donna Barstow's Quick Fix
(click on cartoon for larger image).

Kaiser Continues to Improve, But Can Do Better for California
By John M. Grohol, Psy.D. in World of Psychology
Apparently a $4 million stick wasn’t big enough to encourage Kaiser Permanente in California to offer residents better mental health care in the state. While Kaiser fixed two of the deficiencies originally identified by the government agency charged with oversight of care in California, it still didn’t fix two others...
Psychology Around the Net: February 28, 2015
By Alicia Sparks in World of Psychology
Check out this week’s Psychology Around the Net to learn more about smokers and their relationships to anxiety and depression, how your state ranks regarding the five aspects of life satisfaction, neurons that predict how we might react in particular situations, and more. Neurons That Help Predict What Another Individual...
3 Stress-Busting Tips to Free Your Mind
By Psych Central Staff in World of Psychology
Need to pull yourself back together super QUICK? Here are 3 fixes to ease your mind in no time. Are you like me? Whenever I read the paper or watch the news and see stories about war, starvation, killing rampages, rape, and other atrocities, I feel anxious and worried. In...

Click to view this cartoonMoney out of Misery
From Chato Stewart's Mental Health Humor (click on cartoon for larger image).
Uninspired, Unmotivated, and Unhappy? Three Ways To Live A More Meaningful Life
By Claire Dorotik-Nana, LMFT in Leveraging Adversity
happiness photoPhoto by Celestine Chua     You wake up frustrated from a fight you had with your partner, drive to job you’ve told yourself countless times you should quit, only to return...
Is Worry Part of Your Creative Life?
By Douglas Eby in The Creative Mind
worrier Probably most of us experience worry, stress and various kinds of anxiety to some extent, but creative people may be especially vulnerable to these mood and health challenges. As psychologist and creativity coach Eric Maisel notes, “Life produces stress, the artistic personality produces additional stress, creating produces even more stress, and living the artist’s life is the topper!” ...
How Can You Seek Stillness?
By Margarita Tartakovsky, MS in Weightless
blue springs, feb, 2015, taken by mama The beautiful and intimidating thing about yoga is that it’s a time to stop and be still. It’s a time to be quiet with ourselves. Which many of us don’t do very often. The other types of exercises I do are mostly high intensity (which I also love). Go. Go. Go....
Talking Heads & Monkey Minds
By Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D. in 360 Degrees of Mindful Living
A few pattern-interruption points from Talking Heads (from 1984): “There is a finite number of jokes in the universe.” “There is no music in space.” “Cats like houses better than people.” “Schools are for training people how to listen to other people.” “Violence on television only affects children whose parents act like television personalities.” “Table manners are for...
What If It Isn’t True?
By Dr. Barbara Bachmeier in Bipolar Update
River photoPhoto by anarchosyn If You Are Told That You Are Delusional-Do This Our walk into the mind bending river of twists and turns; our quest for...
What’s So Special about Fifty Shades of Grey?
By Linda & Charlie Bloom in Building Relationship Skills
Mao's RevengeCEBImagery via Compfight   This is a modified version of a blog that we posted at the end of 2012 shortly after the publication of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. In light of the recent release of the film, we thought that it might be worthwhile to revisit this subject and...
By Elaina J. Martin in Being Beautifully Bipolar
woman sleeping on booksFor every blessing in my bipolar journey, there seems to be a cost. My anxiety is pretty much under control lately. (Yay!) I take anxiety meds three times a day. I can function. I can drive my car. But I am tired most of the time. I take an atypical antipsychotic called Saphris. It is my wonder drug....
3 Ways Managed Care is Hurting Your Practice
By Julie Hanks, LCSW in Private Practice Toolbox
This is not the first time you’ve heard me share my perspective on the problems of building private practice based on managed care. The original intent of these third-party companies was to ensure equity for those who receive treatment, but the actual results have been far from successful and have...
Activate These 5 Fundamentals For Conscious Change
By Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski in Therapy Soup
DTI-sagittal-fibersDTI Measurement of Human Brain Photo by Thomas Schultz Conscious Change These are three examples of conscious change: A golfer who works consistently on her swing despite not having a natural ability, may find herself able to hold her own in a tournament. A college student who enters medical school may have no idea...
My Challenges with Forgiving Others
By Shannon Cutts in Mentoring and Recovery
When new feathers grow in, parrots need to have their heads preened to help the feathers open. Sometimes this is painful - so sometimes Pearl bites me to let me know. For Pearl, biting is a communication tool. For me, it hurts!When new feathers grow in, parrots need to have their heads preened to help...
Rivers of Becoming
By Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D. in 360 Degrees of Mindful Living
hhHermanne Hesse, “Siddhartha”   Find yourself a river to meditate on. The rest will come. What, no river nearby?! Look inside: it runs right through you. Spend a contemplative moment on the (meta-cognitive) riverbank of Being as you witness the River of Becoming flow on without you. – “The river is everywhere at the same...
10 Commandments of No-Fault Relationships
By Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. in Psychoanalysis Now
For many years we’ve had no-fault insurance. Then along came no-fault divorce. What’s next? How about no-fault relationships?  Over the years I’ve noticed that couples who have problems tend to play the blame game. Each blames the other for whatever’s wrong with the relationship. Making it his fault or her fault has the benefit of relieving both partners of taking...
It’s Best to Make Your Own Drugs
By Dr. Larry Berkelhammer in In Your Own Hands
the doctor within-the brainthe doctor within-the brain A significant segment of the population lives with more than one chronic medical condition. The pharmaceutical industry makes drugs for almost every type of chronic condition. However, only a handful of these drugs, such as antibiotics, actually cure disease. Most pharmaceuticals simply control symptoms to varying degrees, and they...
Am I Delusional ?
By Dr. Barbara Bachmeier in Bipolar Update
    Real or Not Real? Some people who struggle with the challenges of bipolar also experience psychosis in the form of delusions.  There might be a feeling, or a sense that, although you feel quite strongly about your belief, things just aren’t feeling like they “add up”. Or you might secretly feel like you are in a...
The Lies Our Abuse Tells Us
By Bobbi Parish in Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery
shutterstock_116315404 For years now I’ve heard the statement “Depression Lies” circling around blogs and social media. It’s true. Depression does lie. It tells us we’re lazy, a burden to our friends and, sometimes, of so little value that the world would be a better place without us. I wish every depression sufferer had a firm grasp on knowing these lies...
How to Fall in Love and Uncover Happiness in Four Minutes or Less
By Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
One of the primary pathways to an enduring happiness is facilitating a sense of connection. When we feel connected we feel balanced, when we feel balanced, we often feel happy. The problem is vulnerability as we grow up in this world, we have to learn how to shield ourselves from vulnerability and so we build up walls or put...
Vaporizer Pens and Tobacco Alternatives for Youth
By Jerry Nelson in One Sober Life
American school administrators are starting to face a new, high-tech challenge that is popular among students. “Vaping.” More kids are turning to e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco and it has caught the attention of at least one state legislature. So what should a parent know about e-cigarettes? How concerned should parents be? With the dangers of cigarette smoking...
Flexible CPR Training Makes Lifesaving Technique Widely Available
By Jerry Nelson in One Sober Life
The Silvester Method of artificial respiration was developed in the 1800s by H. R. Silvester. The early version of artificial respiration which Silvester proscribed can still be seen in films made in the early 20th century. The patient was stretched out on their back, their arms raised above their head and then pressed against their chest Silvester’s method has been...
Different Options for Varicose Vein Tratment That Won’t Mess With Your Recovery
By Jerry Nelson in One Sober Life
  When an individual is trying to recovery from substance abuse and addiction, one of the concerns is how to treat medical conditions in a way that won’t trigger a relapse. Take the wrong drug or medicine, relapse can be triggered and the slide down the slope towards full -blown addiction may begin again. For many afflictions there are well...
Depression, obsession and rumination
By Christine Stapleton in Depression on My Mind
I once heard a guy say that he tries to wear his life like a comfortable old t-shirt. I like that and I’ve been trying to do it lately but I think I must have shrunk that t-shirt in the dryer because it’s tight as hell right now. shutterstock_194610269From the outside you might not notice that my comfy t-shirt has...
A Biased Look At The Three Groups Of ADHD Opinion
By Kelly Babcock in ADHD Man of Distraction
I think that maybe ....I think that maybe …. I know there’s lots of information out there about ADHD. And there seems to be three distinct groups, according to social networks and news outlets. Those three groups differ greatly in their approach to the validity of ADHD. And then, to complicate things, there is a...
Bipolar patients can be SAD too.
By LaRae LaBouff in Bipolar Out Loud
Ice UmbrellaIn case you’ve been trapped under a snow bank, you know that, lately, New England has been pelted with numerous, horrible snow storms. While others are seeing hints of spring-to-come, in the north it seems like winter is here to stay. I actually find it a bit jarring when I see photos and there’s grass. Real live...
7 Things Sex Addiction Doesn’t Want You to Know!
By John D. Moore, PhD in Reaching Life Goals
sex addiction Hi there – my name is sex addiction. You know me by several other names, including sex addict, behavioral addiction and process addiction. I’m an insidious form of dependency that is often not discussed with anyone because I use shame and guilt to silence you. If left unchecked, I grow in power – making you take...
Snow and The Choice of Joy
By Ran Zilca in Going on the Ride of Your Life
I grew up in a warm country, and always fantasized about the snow. It seemed magical, romantic, beautiful, and the ultimate state of calm. As a child, snow represented the world that is outside of my small country. A world that is vast and exciting, where white flakes fill the air in wintertime and people sit by the fireplace and...
The Lies We Tell
By Helen Nieves in Mental Health Awareness
imagesThe previous post focused on pathological lying. This post will focus on the different types of lies people tell. Lying is a bad habit and can be a big and destructive problem. Let’s identify the different kinds of lies and see if you recognize them. Do you or anyone you know fall into any of these types of lies?...
Full Body Transplant, Sound Tempting?
By Dr. Charles in Discovering a New You
loveyourbody240I just got back from vacation, so my apologies for being gone for so long. I couldn’t believe the headline. An Italian doctor thinks he can figure out how to transplant a person’s head on to a donor body in the near future. The doctor told New Scientist how he plans to make it happen with a...
Is Couples Counseling a Quick Fix?
By Aaron Karmin in Anger Management
clock2401.Is couples counseling a “quick fix” or a long-term commitment? Counseling doesn’t need to be a long process, especially if you feel you’re starting out with a very solid foundation and only need some clarifications and goal-setting. For some people who are a “higher conflict” couple or have deeper issues to contend with, the process could take a bit longer. ...
Why It’s Important to Face Awkward Situations
By Michael Hedrick in Of Two Minds
awkwardI was propelled into a situation recently where my integrity was attacked. I asked a girl out who had no interest in me. I knew that. Yes I overstepped my normally very solid bounds to do something I regret doing but what I did was vastly innocuous compared to the retaliation. After the fact, I tried to friend her...
Navigating Daily Disappointments
By Margarita Tartakovsky, MS in Weightless
blue springs, feb, 2015 Many days I feel disappointed in myself. I’m disappointed I didn’t wake up early. I’m disappointed I missed the morning yoga class. I’m disappointed I didn’t work hard enough. I’m disappointed I’m easily distracted. I’m disappointed I didn’t do the laundry or make the bed or organize that thing I was going to...



Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.
-- Marie Curie
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